Monday, September 15, 2008

Octoberfest 2008 A Fun Milford Tradition

Last Saturday night I had the honor and privilege of attending the October Fest Celebration at Walnut Beach. The event was held at the Rotary Pavilion and was hosted and organized by the Devon Rotary club here in town.

The event boasted a smorgasbord of great all you can eat food, lots of dancing and German culture and of course a little beer for those who who wished to keep the true custom alive. When I invited a few friends of mine to this event, those not in the know really thought it would be more like a beer drinking madhouse, more for adults and balked at the $40.00 per person cost.

Unswayed I decided to join up with some friends there and debunked the idea that this was some kind of adults only celebration, actually it was quite to the contrary. The event was very much like a musical wedding celebration with kids and adults dancing and joined together at tables with their families and friends.

There was lots of choice of tasty quality food, and anyone who came hungry and wished to have some soda and beer certainly got their money's worth. My friend Lou who had not been to an event like this before said he had "a really good time." Both of us intend on spreading the word, and attending again next year as we were both surprised at how many friends and neighbors we met there.

The Devon Rotary is a wonderful philanthropic organization with such notable members and community friends like Gayle Slossberg. They also have a reputation of caring for Milford, and uses these types of fundraisers to advance our community by improving public spaces. In summary this is a win win celebration and it is worth supporting.

An investment in the Devon Rotary Club is an investment in Milford and I thank all Rotarians, and those who attended, for their dedication and commitment to our town.

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