Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Illegal Immigrant Worker' s Wait For Jobs In Norwalk

The illegal immigrant workforce, takes to the Norwalk streets daily. This event I witnessed last week as I traversed up Martin Luther King Blvd. There were about 50-100 people of what looked like Spanish descent waiting on the corner as if ready to jump in a passing truck; They looked ready to work in any craft from landscaping to construction.

Upon arrival to my destination to fix a computer I asked my customer A Mr. Yanni what was the scoop with all the people hanging out on the corner, I asked him the rhetorical question of what were they doing there? Just as I expected he gave me the answers, the same ones that have half the nation "ticked off" about, that they are all mostly illegal, undocumented, migrant workers preying on the desperation of small businesses desperate to increase their profits.

Many of them are going to your homes by way of your landscaper, stone mason or handyman. This problem has become perverse throughout our state and does not limit itself to just Norwalk. Mayor DiStefano has worked to grant these people ID's and Hartford has all but become a sanctuary city after the town council walked away from immigration issues, calling them the greater responsibility of the Federal Government.

Just as matters seemed to be as bad as things could be our secretary of state decided to run a campaign with Blumenthal to shore up the numbers of the Democratic party by registering as many people of all descents... many if not most being these federal "fast track" illegal immigrants.

While I am no objector to legal immigration a reminder of the correct way of achieving this is through acculturation and assimilation. That is that they intermarry, speak English, and lose over time their intense feeling of nationalism over the United States. In the exaggerated unregulated number that are present today America is building Hispanic nonspeaking ghettos who will soon evolve into a separatist group that will look to create their own special place in America that is not America. To explain what I mean imagine entire Spanish Speaking cities like Miami where America and its history becomes second to that of the supra nationals.

Something to think about while the rest of the U.S. border still goes unfunded, wide open and our leaders act as if they care but continue to take no action. Today's blog is yet again another reminder of the excuses and collusion at all levels of government in our state to enable the Federal Government and its policy of destroying our national borders under the premise that our state is helpless.

Food for thought today!

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