Saturday, September 20, 2008

Paulson & Bernake Hand Out Billions, Congress Told To Sit Down And Shut Up.

This sounds Eerily familiar, this was the line that Congress gave to last year when they voiced concern over the war in Iraq. It would appear that Congress is getting a taste of its own medicine, as two of Americas most powerful Titans hand out yet again more billions to their corporate buddies. First there was the Bear Sterns Bailout, next the Fannie and Freddie Mac Bailout, and Now the AIG Bailout.

The taxpayers have guaranteed these executives not only a "golden parachute" as they received millions in executive bonuses for failure, but most have also evaded criminal charges and investigations. Disgracefully our leaders just rewarded crooks with counterfeit and/or taxpayer money.

This staggering multi company bailout could cost into the trillions, no one knows for sure and will not know the massive cost for years to come. These two men effectively are now engaged in full scale plunder of the U.S. Treasury and and all its associated accounts including the FDIC Insurance that insures the money in your bank account.

How two men that no one voted for were allowed to plunder every American citizen in favor of the global corporate elite is not only unconstitutional but a public disgrace, and mocks the freedom and democracy that we are told exists here in America.

Ultimately we all a pay price, and Congress knows this, but unfortunately what two men decided in 24 Hrs. Congress could not decide in six months. Ron Paul warned us of the propensity of these kinds of malevolent actions and some six months from today we can expect a magnification and localization of these massive problems. In other words expect your personal bailout of these companies to occur through inflation. Every Time you buy Milk, Gas, Food, or the basics of life notice the rapid inflationary increases, also notice everything you own (your home, your cars, your stocks) to be worth less as no one will be able to invest.

What you will not see on future 2009 receipts is the line next to the state sales tax that says "AIG & Friends Bailout inflation tax 50% of total bill." Put into perspective, and truly bringing home your share of the impending national economic disaster the numbers just make a mockery out of our perception of reality. But your personal share of all combined Federal Debt has just increased from $350,000 per Person to an Est. $450,000 to $500,000 per person overnight.

David Walker a former U.S. Accountant and head of the Government Accountability office indicated that we have hard choices ahead of us, but what he failed to mention is that Congress has exposed itself as arbitrary and powerless over the actions of the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve who just essentially pushed America to total and complete bankruptcy. They did this without approval from Congress or a vote from the American people. They just told our elected leaders to "sit down and shut up" as they stealthily wrote massive checks out of your bank account to their friends.

Many of the companies involved in this federal Ponzi scheme are in fact the very banks and corporations who own the Federal Reserve. This is one major reason why the FED steps in to help their owners avoid prosecution and provide them with taxpayer money to clean up their mess by absorbing these criminals into the basement of other Federal Reserve Companies. For those not in the know the Federal Reserve is no more Federal than Federal Express and they just demonstrated this week that they have more power than Congress.

This is something to sleep on as continuing to live a local illusion that "because things are under control in our yard that there is no cause for alarm." I believe that in given time there will be a mass rude awakening in America. The time for countless millions to come forth is now not after being sobered by the fact that we gave some of the greediest and most evil people on the planet control over our lives. This did not work in Germany back in 1938 and will not work in America.

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