Monday, September 8, 2008

Social Engineering And Presidential Politics.. If not All Politics.

The two party behemoth's the mythical equivalent of Schylla and Charybdis are working to control your opinion with information carefully studied and crafted to achieve the ultimate objective, the illusion of American Democracy and your vote for one of the two hand picked corporate representatives running for president.

Now Imagine you the the middle class, average Joe worker stressed to the gills just trying to keep your life afloat is sailing into the unknown abyss of Presidential Politics under the chant of our "Ditto" congressmen who like brainless mocking birds repeat the words and logic of their respective parties.

While I am a lover of Bipartisan efforts I could also appreciate a good debate, but what has been achieved in this election is somewhat of a joke. I thought it impossible for our nation to favor a pro-war candidate a year ago, I thought for sure that Americans were fed up with war and hawkish presidents like Bush. Apparently not, because McCain has taken the lead, just as a new fight is brewing between the U.S. and the Soviets.

Do people even know who they want to vote for, and is either candidate a real choice? My point is not to tell people how to vote this election because I personally could care less who wins, I believe that both parties will continue to be equally destructive to the middle class, so effectively I will be considering some other party besides a Republican or Democrat. One other bit to add here I would be happy to lay out a vote of "NO CONFIDENCE" in the state legislature directed at at all three houses in the federal government.

I would also like to remind the readers of this blog, to learn what social engineering is, could it be the illusion of Democracy, a magic trick that makes us all want to vote for another Republican, one dubbed "McSame" as he is one of the most Bush connected politicians in D.C. Perhaps you need to understand exactly what social engineering is.

On a positive note McCain will be great for the Connecticut economy, because here in the nutmeg state we manufacture the hardware necessary to maintain global domination over the world perhaps that is also why the Russians have so many nuclear missiles pointed at Connecticut.

In the event that McCain does get elected and start WW3, we have a lot to think about. Some examples include Submarine Manufacturing in Groton, Helicopters in Stratford, Radar Systems in Norwalk, Space Weapon Satellites in Danbury and lots of other war fodder. Perhaps this is why Joe Lieberman Mr. "Bomb Iran" has been so successful with the military lobby.

If "McSame" does win it will be good for Connecticut and horrible for world peace something to think about next casino trip. The ones that also help pay our bills on the back's of people who think they can win. Photo above could easily be our new state logo.

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