Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thirsty For Cash Aquarion Raises Rates

The Aquarion Water company has recently won approval from the DPUC to raise water rates another 2.6%. Most of us rarely complain about the price of water as it appears to be the cheapest of all utilities.

Could it be possible that these increases could change all of that? Most of us do not realize what it is that the water company does, but to those who do they will realize that their job is to maintain the sanctity of our reservoirs and maintain the dams and floodgates that keep them safe.

These increases will net about 3 million for the water company, money their executives say is badly needed to maintain infrastructure in the wake of all else going up.

The water company also uses those funds to sanitize our water by adding chlorine that dissipates with aeration, and also medicates our water with the neuro-toxic poisonous chemical Fluoride that we drink in the name of tooth health.

To any people out there with young infants, it is not safe to have babies injest any flouride and should consult with a phisician before giving them water from the tap. For more information on the dangers of fluoride consult the side label of your toothpaste container or visit

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