Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Wishing you all a very safe and happy Holloween! Remember to practice safety, wear reflective clothing, do not enter into peoples homes, and bring a flashlight. Best wishes from all of us at the Milford Daily Blog.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cheaper Electric And Market Choice Hinges On State Politics

Last year, the Connecticut Legislature made it a very difficult year for consumers in the energy market. The Democrat super majority in the legislature tried to end deregulation in the energy business, which would have been a game changer for your choices, and would affect everyones ability to save money on their electric bills. Fortunately, we had a Republican Governor that stood up for consumers and vetoed the bill, which ended a direct threat to saving us customers money on our electric bills this legislative year.

Elections have consequences. It is up to us to vote for officials that will protect our consumer rights and our ability to save them money. It is imperative that we elect proponents, also the Governor is key. Please get out and vote, and encourage your friends, family and friends to vote for legislators who protect our savings and our energy choices.

Please call your State representatives to see where they stand on energy deregulation prior to your casting your vote, or see how they voted on the energy bill in the links below. If you have any questions on where your Senator and State Representative stands, please feel free to give me a call at 203-846-9900.

If Malloy, or a like opponent, is elected governor, he will NOT veto attempts to re-regulate the energy business, because he would not provide the backstop to the next super majority in our state legislature that may be intent on re-passing this re-regulation bill.

Results of the House and Senate voting this year on the Energy Bill that was vetoed by Republican governor Jodi Rell:

("NO" is for consumers, "YES" is against against consumers.) (Senate Vote) (House Vote)

Please forward this blog on to your friends, family, customers, and any other energy brokers in CT.

Submitted by Rick Giordano, Edited by Rocco Frank


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Former Gov. Ventura Explains Voting

Former Navy Seal, Television Producer and Minnesota Gov. Jessee Ventura, failed to endorse his old Boss Linda McMahon because she is affiliated with a party. Ventura, has a populist view of voting that resonates with the new breed of Independents and gives a moving speech on how to vote before a Texas audience.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Milford's Real "Boogey Man" Is The Dollar

Some time ago when I warned that the Internet bubble was about to pop it did. When I announced the real estate bubble was about the pop it did. Now in the last few years America's banks are "Zombies" and a new bubble has inflated to stellar heights. "The Bail Out Bubble" is set to pop soon and when it does the Dollar will go down as a result.

Some have argued that I am a self proclaimed fortune teller of sorts, but I assure you the only skill I have is my ability to read. As an avid reader, and bibliophile I love knowledge and in my love of knowledge I have developed a penchant for economics, and economic news. As a case in point, today anyone could have read yahoo news and received a treasure trove of Economic forecasts.

Fortunately in my endeavors I also have access and opportunity to discuss what I read with many proclaimed experts. These experts include Peter Schiff, Warren Mosler, and Ralph Nader. I also have a close family friend who is an employee of the World Bank in a high level position. These individuals combined with the trends forecasts put forth by Bruce Bueno De Mesquite (who uses Game Theory) and those of Gerald Celente who does not disclose his algorithms give me a fairly accurate vision of the road ahead.

The following is a short window into what the situation looks like from my vantage point. As it stands the dollar is about to break a new all time low, and Gold a new all time high. This spells trouble for Global trade and the Dollar as the Worlds reserve currency. These issues are sternly dealt with at the G20 meetings, a place where the leaders of the worlds largest 20 economies address economic challenges. The G20 is currently growing concerned over the dollar losing its value, and Chinas response to the dollar decline by engaging in deliberate currency devaluation of their Yuan. They do this in order to keep prices cheap at Walmart, however the world is growing tired of the money game real fast.

The next few years will usher in some serious new challenges to America's austerity. The fixes put in motion by our experts are not working well enough. The U.S. economy appears to be stagnant and far too many Americans have become entirely dependent of the government for money to survive. The result of this very ugly paradox is creating large structural deficits that put pressure on the Nations "Piggy Bank" AKA the Federal Reserve.

Congress has run out of money, it has spent the entire Trillion + Dollars it collects in taxes and it has also spent all the money from everything it has sold (T-Bills). With this in mind, imagine the country still does not have enough money to pay its bills. Unfortunately, since money has been decoupled from Gold (thanks to Former President Nixon) it is easy to create and is little more than the law followed by ink and paper.

The power vested in the Federal Reserve as granted to it by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 allows our government to engage in an enigmatic process called "quantitative easing" or a big confusing word that amounts to nothing more than printing more money out of "thin air." Congress can do this when its broke to pay for its over spending. America must never not pay all its bills and it would be unimaginable for the mighty U.S. to say "we cannot afford it."

The sad part is that we also frustrate the rest of the world when we engage in Quantitative easing because everything in the world (due to the Breton Woods Agreement) is purchased or denominated in dollars. Oil, minerals, gas, commodities etc.. is all purchased nation to nation in dollars. For example, the Banana I/you had in my/your cereal this morning was most likely paid for with a U.S. dollar that a South American grower was forced to accept.

This is the main reason why the G20 gets concerned when Americans expand their money supply (M3) because the world, who holds more dollars than the U.S., is forced to deal with the currency devaluation. Americans get a inflationary "Free Ride" on the backs of our holders of dollars. To add "insult to injury" foreign holders of Dollars are forced to collect a reprehensibly low amount of interest. A rate that is, more often than not, less than the rate of inflation we created.

Take all of this, add the LIBOR average for interest rates, Keynesian Capitalism and the manipulation of those interest rates and what we have is another solution, or in other words more affordable mortgage rates. This solution comes with a nasty side effect of angry nations who in their acrimony is rapidly demanding an ugly remedy to the induced inflation now rapidly spiraling out of control.

This will eventually end when the G20 ditches the Dollar and its associated "Breton Woods Agreement." This would also force the full brunt of our Quantitative easing to be entirely on our backs. When this happens the World will quietly divest from the dollar in favor of a new world reserve currency. Conveniently such a system has already been put in place and its called the Global SDR and is currently used for internal payments. Should a Dollar crash happen it could be expected to grow in scope relevance and size. This would be to insulate Europe, Asia, and everyone else only and not the U.S.A.

For Main Street USA and Milford Connecticut this will put cities and states at odds with the Federal Government who, in the chaos, will declare Supremacy under the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution. We will also be left helpless to defend ourselves against the economic malaise induced by our National leaders and their magnificent failures.

Still today as we speak, we have teams of economic repairmen, focus groups, and think tanks trying to solve a problem that they are powerless to solve. States and municipalities are not equipped to break treaties like NAFTA, GAFTA, EPP, and The BRETON WOODS AGREEMENT. Our states and municipalities have no seat at the G20 nor do we have any way beyond voting and complaining to save ourselves from the wrath imposed on us by virtue of the Globalist world we were sold into.

As the bailout bubble pops, so goes the easy money from the Federal Government to the states and from the states to the cities. We then get what France just got this week Austerity measures, or in other words the Middle Class gets broken as the rich abdicate and the poor remain more poor. The Middle Class will suffer the brunt of the nations Austerity measures. They will do so by virtue of higher retirement ages, less Social Security, pension funds being redirected to save banks (as happened in Argentina) and local infrastructure being sold off and privatized to keep what is left of our sustenance systems operational.

The scenario is highly probable, hopefully not in tandem with a Middle Eastern war, or with some other terrible imposition such as an outbreak of a newly discovered exotic pandemic like Swine Flu. All of this is mentioned for the sole purpose of recognizing that our Federal Government has gone awry, and as such continues to disrespect us during our time of need.

The last bastion of what keeps our economy moving is "Laissez Fare" economics or let the ingenuity of the people and our markets fix the economy. Even with that approach we are being knocked down as our trusted advisors tell us that "Laissez Fare" is not the answer because companies need to "pay up." Health care is now not a choice but a punitive "Obamanomics" imposition that will be enforced with 16,500 new IRS agents ready to confiscate individual and corporate assets to pay for insurance premiums.

Americas industry is also being told that they are harming the planet and despite all the rhetoric over climate change and the conflicting science surrounding these issues, America is slowly being forced to comply. America is alone in this compliance because as our industry is dealing with another massive Federal Imposition the biggest polluters who manufacture almost all our products are being ignored. China and India is exempt from "Cap and Trade" and our nations engineers, investors, and monetary elite know it.

Peter Wynn a casino operator correctly said that "few investors are comfortable investing in America today because their is so much uncertainty from Washington D.C." he further adds that "China and India gives their anchor Industries a long term vision and accompany that vision with political stability in order that they may make a prudent investment in jobs in their nations."

These are just a few of the emerging problems that are sending Common Americans from lost jobs to record numbers of start up businesses. They also agitate the personal insecurity that is fostering civil unrest. At no time is a record spike in Gun sales, like we saw last year, or record foreclosures a vote of economic confidence by the American public. And it is also not a vote of economic confidence by the public when they distrust their Congress by a record 89%. The nation is changing, and with those changes we are all going to feel a great deal of pain. That pain will persist, unless we as a state decide to universally reject our Federal Government and all its injurious policies and laws that hurt our citizens.

The only thing that could save Connecticut is our mutual willingness to succeed in an environment where all others have failed. We collectively need to bring about new ideas to our mutual challenges that topple all previous failed attempts. Most importantly we need to stop enabling and placating our Federal Government and its associated corrupt practices. The only way we can win this fight is with an informed educated public and leaders who have a greater desire to courageously lead rather than serve and rule.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Why State Spending Is Enigmatic

Many Conservatives have clamored that spending is excessive and problematic in the state of Connecticut. This is true, at least somewhat, but there are omissions that are being ignored for political pageantry. Conservatives would have us believe that there is too much wasteful spending, and certainly they are not entirely wrong. But, it is important to note that this is true of every governing body across the country, and the argument is nothing new.

We all are keenly aware that there is always a way to get things for less, perhaps privatize more of government, and certainly cut those social programs that have earned such a terrible record.

Well no one doubts that spending needs to be streamlined, especially during hard economic times when government and the deficit grows in tandem with poverty. Sadly what is being overlooked is the paradox of tax cuts during a Recession/Depression (depending on your view of the current economy.)

The paradox in state spending today is accompanied by its rhetoric. Rhetoric that reminds voters that people are hurting, there are few good jobs out there and several other preventable conditions exist that are agitating poverty. With the spread of rich to poor now at at record 14.5% Connecticut, and many other states for that matter, has to factor this increase in poverty into its budget. We also have to consider the cost of Un-employment (at a record 99 weeks for some) , food aid, and a record level of need as requested by the Connecticut Department of Social Services. Lets also factor in the interest on our debt, accompanied by inflation and the associated cost of dealing with increases in crime and punishment, and then it becomes easy to understand how our state ran some record deficits.

Connecticut has the highest debt to person ration in America and a pension fund set to run out by 2019 because of negligent cuts that are threatening everyone. The disingenuous nature of economic repair men is dangerous and irresponsible. Once again we have a tax paradox in Connecticut, whereby we all overwhelmingly agree that the poor should be helped, children deserve health care, and that the tide of poverty must be reversed. But few dare offer a genuine solution by way of new jobs and economic opportunity.

There are several places where money can still be saved in government but those cuts will hardly match the money that is needed to solve the basic humanitarian issues we have incurred in our state. For this reason I question the MRTC produced graph as little more than a political ploy emblematic of a half truth. A half truth that will become self evident in time when all cuts that have been made get made. Then it will become clear that such a graph accompanied by more conservative tax rhetoric will amount to severe austerity losses. Austerity losses accompanied by the unwelcome sight of homeless people living on the street, children being left uninsured, and pension funds being denied to new employees while older employees receive less.

The answer is as I stated in previous articles, and that is Connecticut needs to challenge the monetary policy of the Federal Government, resist austerity measures, challenge the supremacy clause of the Federal Government, sue the Feds against all job killing treaties and consider rebuilding our state from the vantage point of the sovereign position of individual states rights. This may require us to pass new "xeno-tax" laws that specifically target the Federal Government and the glut of outside slave produced goods dumped on our markets. Lastly and most importantly we need to embrace the green economy and protect our remaining jobs from export. Connecticut cannot "fix the world," but Connecticut can independently work to fix its economy from within our own borders by not allowing "the world" to "drag us down."

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Andrew White Independent Nominee for State Treasurer 2010

The Founding Fathers envisioned a government perhaps best described years later by Abraham Lincoln: “[a] government of the people, by the people, [and] for the people.” They founded the united States with the Declaration of Independence, lost life and fortune, and constructed a Constitution for Citizen Legislators - not a permanent ruling class. Throwing off the yoke of one despot to take up chains of hundreds of tyrants was not their plan. Almost 250 years later, though, America has lost the Founder’s ideals in a very bad way - but all is not lost. Indeed, our darkest hour may precede a Renaissance of the Individual American for our next 250 years. At home, that is a Connecticut Renaissance.

I am Andrew White, and I am running for Treasurer of the great state of Connecticut. I am also a common man - not unlike you. Son of US Army captain, educated in a standard way and married with two (if I may say) cute girls. I’m not rich, not a lawyer, not a politician nor famous. I am also a highly concerned citizen. But appearances can be deceiving. I’m a naturally-born US citizen who entered the world on the Rein Mein US Base in Frankfurt, Germany. I grew up in Huntsville, Alabama (home of NASA and the last 1950’s upbringing by a non-indigenous extended family - thus no accent). I later attended The University of Alabama (think ‘Gone with the Wind’). My self-programmed “major” was broadly classically liberal infused with finance/economics (mentored by two College Deans and a senior businessman). I graduated with a Bachelor of Finance (summa cum laude). Soon thereafter, I earned a Master of Economics and a Chartered Financial Analyst designation – gold standard for investment analysts.

While a Senior in college, I met a…different…kind of girl, at least in Tuscaloosa: a violinist from Berkeley, California, complete with tye-dye, blonde hair down past her rear and a violin "hickey." My proper, Prince Edward Island-raised mother was not pleased. After graduation, I followed HER to San Francisco where I worked at Sumitomo Bank. Coincident with her graduation from UC Berkeley, we married (going on 14 years now) and moved to London, England for her professional performance violinist fellowship. Six months turned into six years. She rose to play with the Royal Philharmonic, toured with European orchestras and once rocked with Eric Clapton. I worked my way up through Citibank into UBS, where I was a global equity strategist and manager amid a material turn-around in $400 billion investment assets. Along the way, I also served as Vice Chairman of Republicans Abroad (UK).

Post 9/11, we wished to return to America, but there were no jobs to be found. Despite having a Top 1% GMAT globally, I did NOT go US Ivy League to bide my time in the recession. Instead, I looked deep within myself and reached back into my college studies. In particular, a previously unknown impregnable, 20-year emotional wall (related to my own parents' divorce decades ago) crashed down upon me, leaving a new questing decade in its rubble. Long story short, we left England and our institutional 20’s (1990's) behind, put everything in storage, and eventually drove the classic US road trip journey of 30,000 miles through 48 states over 15 months to get back in touch with the real America. Chronicled on, it was the beginning of a creative explosion that would lead me away from Wall Street-style money management into the world of entrepreneurial alternative asset management.

I am Andrew White, and I have experienced global highs and personal lows. Three times. I know the cycle - personally and professionally - and how to recover (e.g. specific answers, not platitudes). Times are so serious today that we can no longer ignore factors affecting us near-term AND long-term. They are increasingly one in the same. Our current circumstances, however, directly relate to the major parties' dominance (especially the Democrats). Over 30 years, they took America's richest state with the 17th lowest tax rate and turned it into the 3rd highest tax rate while accruing $70 billion debts (or about $70,000 per household).

Business as usual is OVER. It is time to Take Our State Back in the 2010 election. Most importantly, it's time to also implement specific solutions after the election that will unleash a bull market in economy and liberty like you’ve never experienced. Like almost all today, I too want to echo Martin Luther King Jr. in one day saying, “Free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty, we’re free at last!”

Returning Connecticut to Constitutional limits will NOT be easy. BUT, it IS possible. There are 3.5 million of us, only a few of them, and the dignity of human freedom on OUR side. It is also beyond necessary. We face a horrendous Sophie’s Choice wherein one half of our State will live in ruin or the other half will die early. That’s not opinion; it’s mathematical certainty. We owe it to our ancestors, to our families, and to our towns to ensure that that day never comes to pass. If we continue the Statist path of the last 30+ years, though, YOU and I WILL both walk through that Valley.

There are those who understandably deride me for many reasons. That’s ok. Many instead focus on who's talking platitudes/career advancement and who's talking solutions. As Gandhi once said, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

I’m willing to do the heavy lifting and take the arrows, but I need YOUR help to do so. This is YOUR opportunity to finally have a Treasurer in YOUR image; a Treasurer OF, by and for The People to lead all of State back to Constitutional governance.

Give me an inch, I'll jog a mile. Give me a mile, and I'll run all the way to the Hartford. It's quite likely the difference between having to again choose between the lesser of two evils amidst societal ruin or a bull market in economy and liberty the likes you've never seen. Thank you for your time and consideration. Time to REcreate our future! Onward and upward!

Andrew White

Visit Andrew Whites Campaign Website by Clicking HERE

Monday, October 18, 2010

Dr. Mertens, Vows To Fight Media Bias Toward Independents

I wanted to share a story about this: the two media outlets that deliberately and premeditatedly excluded any mention of Tom Marsh’s participation in the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities debate on October 6 in their coverage were the Hartford Courant and Channel 8, the ABC affiliate.

Here’s the print story that ran in the Courant on Oct 7:,0,195356.story

Channel 8 set up cameras at the debate so that they could carefully shoot it without ever having Tom in any shot, and during their TV coverage, they never mentioned that Tom participated (despite the fact that I’ve heard from attendees that Tom won the debate).

These facts have made me more angry at the media than any of the rest of their actions this year. So, here’s my story: I was at an event on Saturday that included a presentation by the news director of Channel 8. It was a one hour interactive presentation and discussion of news and media coverage. Half way through he started talking about the importance of trust in media. I interrupted, and told the story of what Channel 8 did. This resulted in a passionate discussion for the remaining 30 minutes about ethics in journalism. The news director defended Channel 8 strongly at first, but the crowd beat him down. At the end of the session, the news director told me that he would investigate, and “if we blew it, I’ll be as upset as you are.” We’ll see about that.

I’ve been talking about this at every campaign event since: the fact that Tom Marsh has essentially been invited to every debate EXCEPT the televised debates, and that many of the major media outlets have made a point of not mentioning his participation in those he’s been invited to, has caused audible gasps in the audiences. We need to hammer this beyond the election. I’m planning op-ed pieces to all CT newspapers (they won’t print op-eds from candidates, so I have to wait until after Nov. 2), detailing what has happened, and I encourage others to do the same. Mike Telesca and I have discussed the possibility of a lawsuit as well, to raise awareness. This is our biggest problem; the media is complicit in the degradation of our democracy, and we need to fight to repair it, beyond November!


Dr. John Mertens
Professor of Engineering, Trinity College

Friday, October 15, 2010

Rocco Frank Personal Statement

The world in which we live is increasingly moving toward Globalization, and with those painful changes our small State, and our small Town, is in the process of enduring difficulty while attempting to find its place in the world.

Connecticut’s workforce has already endured several challenges. Challenges, that in my opinion, are the result of many failed Federal economic treaties, broken promises, and terrible economic policies that originated from all levels of government. The key issues in Connecticut right now is not who to blame, it’s who to embrace… its jobs, the debt abatement of our states children and our new place in an emerging nation. Connecticut’s legacy must never be defined by its failures or the World’s problems. Connecticut and its people must be defined by our mutual resilience and our willingness to succeed where all others have failed.

As a State Representative I would proudly introduce and co-sponsor legislation that stimulates the economy from the bottom up. This means putting money back in the working persons pocket while streamlining government to pay for only essential services. This also means encouraging and rewarding those state workers who are most productive and find ways to save essential Dollars in deficit years.

Temporary tax cuts for the middle class, in my opinion, is the best way we can begin to deal with the interim economic changes. We must also encourage our citizens to save, and eliminate personal debt by dissuading the very predation of usury and inappropriate lending. I will also work hard to hold irresponsible lenders accountable and protect our borrowers.

Looking toward our mutual future, I will also work to address the green economy as a way of producing future jobs while responsibly serving the needs of our environment. It would be my honor and privilege to introduce and co-sponsor legislation that begins this states transition away from non-renewable fossil fuels to the future of sustainable living. The future of our economy must be rooted in Smart Growth, and it must mandate that all public and state buildings begin the gradual process of converting to the “Netzero” “Leeds” certified standards.

The future is here now, and our state has been slow to respond. Our state has been challenged to find the answers and provide the leadership, direction and programs on too many occasions. Moving forward, we must learn to rely on ourselves and less on our handicapped Federal Government.

As it stands Connecticut is the most indebted nation in America, and as such responsible change can only occur by way of organized and voluntary compliance. The cost of not addressing our issues will only move us closer to the embarrassing austerity measures imposed by virtue of “bankruptcy” and the need for the emergency aid of our Federal Government.

Should the people of Milford elect me, I will work tirelessly, relentlessly, and feverishly to do all that I can, with everyone I know to move our state into a position of strength. A very wise man once told me that it is the responsibility of the “previous generation to make the next generation stronger.” While I am just one person, in this quest I promise to confer and continue to seek out only those individuals who embrace the vision and wisdom for a better future for our people and our state.

Rocco J. Frank Jr.
Candidate Milford State Representative 118th District
(203) 247-4357

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Milford McMahon Rally Ends With Park Trees Damaged

Environmentalists said Tuesday that the tops of several "heirloom" trees were removed from a small park in front of City Hall that were part of the Milford Legacy Arboretum.

Although some said they'd heard that the tree tops were cut to improve access for television cameras during a weekend rally by U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon, a campaign spokesman said it had nothing to do with it. "The campaign never asked anyone to trim trees," Ed Patru said.

"I don't know why it happened or by whom, but it was a shock to me; a distressing one," said Letitia Malone, chairman of the Open Space Advisory Committee. The small park in front of City Hall, which includes the World War I "Doughboy" monument, is part of the newly established arboretum. The continuous line of graceful, mature trees continues along the Green and includes native hardwood species.

Continue Reading Story at CT POST CLICK HERE

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Milford's Linda McMahon Rally Turns Into A Disaster

Video Courtesy of CT Bob. Videographer and Dedicated Democrat Bob Adams has a penchant for getting perspective on local events here in town. Bob attended the Republican Hyped McMahon Rally and showed us an angle that I am certain the Milford Republicans would like us to forget. Since they will certainly not brag about the events that took place I thought that in the spirit of "Veritas" the Milford Independent Party owes you the information you missed.

Fear And The Lunacy of State Government Repair Men

There is no doubt that there is cause for concern when it comes to the financial health of government on all levels. There is even less doubt that those trying to get re-elected will tell you the economic health of our city and state are just great! Except when it no longer can be hidden or denied that there is a serious problem.

This year is no different than any other year, one group blaming another group who is blaming some other enigmatic abstract of the reality of government insolvency. Sadly the general public has taught our candidates for office that fear works, so opponents in state and local races are often compelled to scare the public into taking action.

Much to the chagrin of organized party politics, the public has become disgusted, apathetic and fed up with the barrage of constant lying and blaming that goes on every election year. Since the candidates for office do not have the courage to speak the truth I will, and should my critics disagree with me, then they are free to do their own research and prove me wrong.

Personally I do not blame people for being grossly disinterested in donating to campaigns, attending rallies and supporting our wide spectrum of perverse candidates for office. What is really frightening and disheartening is that our candidates for office really believe they can fix anything. The only thing our candidates for office can do is dismantle the government and put up obstacles to special interest groups. They can also address unfunded mandates by complaining loudly they are unfair.

Well what is the problem you may ask? The biggest problem and obstacle to the state prospering is the Federal Government, the supremacy clause, the Federal Reserve, Quantitative Easing, failed treaties, theft, crony bailout capitalism, and obstacles to getting value out of our tax dollars.

Little to none of this can be addressed by a state leader, and even less can be done by one state to fix it. As a case in point lets take a look at the Federal Governments "wild card" dubbed Obama Care. The bill is not even in force yet and insurance companies are taking a defensive stance. States are trying to block Obama care and business are seriously concerned about it. We can add "cap and trade" and of course Linda McMahon who would have you think that its a Democrat "Job Killer."

These are just some of the recent bills that are on the table but there has been several others that also have already passed that are not likely to be repealed. These include GATT, NAFTA, and several others. Personally I do not know the impact of these mistakes on the overall economy and to me that does not matter. What matters is that a serious amount of damage has been done to our economy for abstract reasons that rarely make any sense to the average person.

Should any of our local disingenuous politicians really take up the gall to fix our state, they should begin by learning about the the states Charter Oak Tree and consider perhaps finding a new one to hide our charter in. Because what needs to be done is surely going to send someone looking for it again.

To fix Hartford, Connecticut needs to rebel against Washington and its state killing ways. The state can rebel by  challenging the Supremacy Clause of the Federal government in court. Many states are already doing this on the precept that the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution takes precedent.

The next thing we can do is have our Attorney General sue the Federal Government over every economic injury Congress committed against commerce in our state. Next our Governor needs to get on board and start amping up the rhetoric against the Federal Governments economic policies and start demanding remedies to their repeated injuries against us. I would also be so brazen as to attempt state tariffs or equivalents on imported slave goods from other countries.

Lastly, it is our right under the U.S. constitution to coin our own money either in Gold or Silver. Should the Federal Government continue to debase our dollar with Quantitative easing, debt, and international economic warfare, it then becomes our legal right to coin our money. This will most likely be Silver since Gold is "off the charts." At the present rate of monetary abuse by the federal government, it will be a few short years before the Dollar is replaced under protest at the next G20 meeting. Expect something like a Breton Woods Two and a global SDR note as the new world reserve currency.

As Americans continue to aimlessly consume and take up the mike in Washington, the world is not going to stand idly by as our leaders are talking up a good game. Eventually it will be time to "pay the piper" and when that happens expect the global medium of trade, the U.S. Dollar, (abused into oblivion by Congress) decoupled from Oil and commodity purchases world wide. As Hillary our Secretary of State even admitted our escalating debt is approaching a level now so serious as to be called a national security risk. The sooner our state distances itself from the Federal Government and its associated problematic instruments of control the sooner our state can get on with our business.

What Hartford needs is a not a "happy go lucky" "local yokel" with a "Fix Hartford Sign" what we really need is someone out there with a few Quadrillion Dollars and a "Fix The World" sign.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Milford Daily Blog Makes The News Over Probate Campaign

Orange Probate Judge John Carengelo, a Republican, is criticizing his opponent for featuring a blogger’s comment on her campaign website that apparently questions his integrity.

Carengelo said he is appalled his opponent, Milford Probate Judge Beverly Streit-Kefalas, a Democrat, would allow comments from Milford Independent Committee Chairman Rocco Frank to be placed on her website. Carengelo and Streit-Kefalas, both 12-year incumbents, are running against one another because the probate courts in Orange and Milford are being consolidated.

Frank, who is an Independent Party state representative candidate, wrote that “As a judge, (Streit-Kefalas) also recognized that any Republican Party judge under the direction of the demanding (Milford Mayor James L.) Richetelli administration would likely become an “activist judge” who the mayor and its party leadership favors in exchange for the campaign money and influence given him. This would impair and impede his ability to be independent and impartial to the public.”

Read Entire NH Register story by clicking HERE

By Brian McCready, Milford Bureau Chief

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Restoring Faith In The Milford Police Department

Our local police department is one of the most important parts of what makes our community safe. It is supposed to be what makes people feel secure, give us comfort when we call for help, and trust that help will infact arrive. This image, in the past year has been tarnished, and many people in town are calling into question the faith and trust of all our dedicated officers.

Many people, including myself (a former law man) can say first hand that the reputation of an entire department is only as strong as its "weakest link." In the last week these "weak links" have been pulled to the breaking point. The Connecticut Post placed on its front page that video evidence had been accidentally destroyed by an officer, and the NH Register wrote what amounts to a "hit piece" on the entire Milford Police Department. The trashing included a "laundry list" of outrageous and irresponsible behavior.

The woes over the conduct of our officers are numerous and accusations currently range from the rehiring and firing of our police chief with a "magic formula" salary, to a city officer accidentally killing two youths in Orange.

The cost of this behavior is disconcerting, aside from the terrible loss incurred to the families and friends of the 90+ MPH crash victims in Orange, the city of Milford is going to be left with the added hardship of cleaning up this mess. The cost may arrive in increased insurance premiums, or the cost may arrive in what may amount to a multi-million dollar punitive lawsuit. The end result will be that every taxpayer in Milford will also be grieving, only we will be grieving over our city tax bill and the fact that we have all been made accountable for somthing that was not our fault.

We are at a critical juncture, whereby the people of Milford must have faith and trust in their Police Department. The people of our city need to have a government that works, a Police Chief that has policies, and subordinates who obey and respect the law themselves.

Our greatest challenge once again lies in the annals of the weak leadership in City Hall, the very boards and commissions run by the the Richetelli administration and its "responsible" Aldermanic leader Greg Smith. The job of keeping the Police Department, the Board of Education, The Building Department, and the City Attorney accountable all rests with the Mayor and the Board of Alderman. It is their job to call for a public inquiry to investigate the rapidly vanishing faith and trust in our Police Departments leadership. As of now this has not happenend and may never happen as things stand.

The right thing to do, in my opinion, is to call Chief Mello, the Lt who destroyed the data, the speeding police officers and those responsible before our city leaders. This forum should be held in public and before the Board of Alderman and the Mayor. The purpose of this forum is to use the body of government, in tandem with the current civil lawsuits, to hold our city departments and its individuals working for the taxpayers accountable.

The Board of Alderman should hear the public views regarding our Police Department. The public should be allowed to express their recommendations and opinions, regarding solutions to our Police Department. Our Citizens should be allowed to express their views to the people in charge that we will not tolerate this departments mistakes nor their failures or accidents.

The Board of Alderman has a responsibility to call a public inquiry on this matter or risk losing more faith in our Governments ability to trust its Police. It is the sole responsibility of our City Council to hold all of its employees accountable. Only the board of Alderman and the Mayor can legally suspend, fire or sanction the Police Department. The people of Milford are still waiting for the "Leadership" we were promised!

Two young adults are DEAD and laid to rest! How much more will it take?... and who dare be courageous enough to lead this great city into a better future?

Above photo of former officer Anderson

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Final Countdown To Elections Begins

With November 2nd coming upon us like a Lion the time to start learning about our candidates for office is here. This week Jill Dion of the Milford Mirror contacted me and wanted all my readers to know that she is soliciting position statements on the candidates for office. These statements are limited to 300 words so they will offer only a snippet of knowledge.

They are, however, worth reading and will be published in the Mirror from now on. This is the best start on getting a collection of candidate remarks on the numerous seats on the ballot. You may also use google to learn about the candidates, and go back in this blog to read my many postings about the people in the running.

While I am always learning new things about the candidates, I personally suffer the same dilemma that many of you have and that is the paradox of the political pageant here in our state. I call it a pageant because it is a contest, and like the Miss America Pageant we look to our contenders in much the same way. How do they dress, are they well groomed, how did they answer questions, how did the public respond to them. Who is the most favored by the internet community and which one is just losing their edge due to their personal problems.

Sadly the candidates with the most amount of money get an edge because they can buy a bigger parade and push more propaganda to the masses. More often than not this candidate produced material is scientifically prepared to get a reaction out you, its recipient. That reaction lately has been to scare you into believing that the opponents are going to do something terrible to your future.

This duplicity and misdirection makes finding out the truth an enigmatic maze whereby an innocent bystander can be easily tricked by the antics of political scientists. This year I ask that my readers use the last bastion of freedom to get all points of view. Use the internet to aid your decision while taking very lightly the information that originates from the Political Scientists.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Why Im Running For Senate

I am not a professional politician. I am running as a matter of conscience, and not ambition. Just like when you see someone drowning, and you are a certified water safety instructor, you offer to help, and just like if you are a doctor and you see someone bleeding, you offer to help. I see the American economy crumbling, and I know my specialized knowledge and experience make me uniquely qualified to fix it, and so I’m offering to help.

I support the traditional ideal that the American economy works best when people working for a living take home enough pay to buy the goods and services they produce, resulting in businesses competing for those consumer dollars and increased sales funding the millions of jobs we desperately need.

Unfortunately, this is currently not happening because the Federal government is taking too many dollars out of our paychecks. My plan—the Mosler Economic Restoration Plan—will solve this crisis.

The Mosler Economic Restoration Plan has three core proposals:

[1] Declare an Immediate ‘Payroll Tax Holiday’ — The U.S. Treasury will no longer deduct FICA, Medicare and other Federal payroll tax deductions from your paychecks, resulting in an immediate increase in take-home pay of roughly $650 per month for a couple with a combined income of $100,000 per year. That’s big money, and the extra cash will help you pay your mortgage and car payments, which helps the banks the right way, from the bottom up, and not through the top down bailouts of the recent past.

[2] Give U.S. States Revenue Share Money Based on Population — Provide each State government with an immediate, unrestricted $500 per capita of revenue to spend where they decide they need it most. This will amount to approximately $1.75 billion for Connecticut to help fill the holes created by the recession.

[3] Fund an $8/Hour National Service Job for Anyone Willing and Able to Work — This will provide transitional employment for the unemployed, preparing them to find new private-sector employment as businesses look to add millions of new jobs to meet the demand coming from a rise in spending due to the increased take-home pay from my first proposal.

Additionally, I have taken the pledge never to cut Social Security benefits or eligibility requirements, and fully support measures to ensure our seniors are supported in a manner that makes us proud to be Americans.

The Truth about Federal Spending

I know what you are thinking: ‘What about the lost Federal revenues?’ ‘Won’t that mean cutbacks somewhere else?’ ‘Won’t we have to borrow more from China for our children to pay back?’

This is why I’m running. I have the right answer to these questions, which is what sets me apart from the field and uniquely qualifies me to support my proposals.
I know how the payment system works. I grew up on the money desk at Banker’s Trust on Wall Street in the 1970′s, ran my own investment funds and securities dealer for 15 years, currently own a small Florida bank, and visit the Fed (Federal Reserve Bank) regularly to discuss monetary policy and operations.

I know for a fact, as do all Federal reserve ‘insiders’ as well as economists who understand monetary operations, that the role of taxes for the Federal government, unlike State and local government, is to regulate the economy—not to raise revenue.
It is an indisputable fact that when the Federal government taxes, it doesn’t actually get anything; it just changes numbers down in our bank accounts. And when the Federal government spends, it just changes numbers up in our banks accounts and doesn’t ‘use up’ anything. This may sound like a wild notion, but it was confirmed by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke under oath as recently as May of 2009 in a public interview. When the Chairman was asked where the dollars came from that he was spending, he replied that the Federal Reserve just uses its computer to mark up numbers in bank accounts.

As a result, there is no such thing as the Federal government running out of money, and Social Security and Medicare cannot go bankrupt. Because the Federal government always makes any payment when it’s due by simply marking up numbers in our bank accounts, just like Chairman Bernanke described.

Because of this widespread misconception, the politicians in D.C. cannot comprehend the true meaning of taxes. That is why they take too much out of the paychecks of working Americans. That is why so many people are finding it more and more difficult to pay their mortgage or simply buy groceries. Our leaders don’t understand that Federal taxes are like the thermostat. When the economy is too hot, inflation too high, unemployment too low (something I’ve never seen in my 40 years of watching the U.S. economy) a tax increase might be a consideration. Not to raise revenue, but to cool down an economy running ‘too good.’ And when the economy is ice cold, like it is now, a major tax cut is in order to bring it back up to operating temperature. Like the ones I’ve proposed.

More of the Same from the Other Candidates
Like D.C. politicians, the other candidates vying for Connecticut’s Senate seat fail to understand the difference between the function of Federal taxation and State and local government taxation.

This explains why, in their televised debate, both candidates proposed tax increases which would only make matters worse. In fairness, they do offer some minor tax relief, but only for businesses. This is a traditional Republican, trickle down approach, where business tax cuts increase business profits so the owners hire more domestic help at low wages because of the high unemployment. And this is the same trickle down approach we’ve watched for the last two years with trillions of dollars allocated to fund banks, insurance companies and car companies followed by millions of lost jobs.

My plan is both very different and highly effective. By increasing the take-home pay of you and your neighbors, you have the ability to make your payments and do your shopping with the money you rightly earned by working at your job. That’s called fixing the economy the Democratic way, from the bottom up, so you get to support the economy with your spending.


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Volunteer on Warren's campaign, and help get our economy back on track!

"One of the brightest minds in finance." - CNBC (6/11/2010)

"I am uniquely qualified to fix the U.S. economy and restore the American dream of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We are grossly overtaxed. We need a full payroll tax holiday NOW to stop the bleeding and fix the economy the right way—from the bottom up. The only thing standing in the way of our economic prosperity is a lack of understanding of our monetary system and elected officials who promote the right kind of change. I will not let you down!" —Warren Mosler