Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fear And The Lunacy of State Government Repair Men

There is no doubt that there is cause for concern when it comes to the financial health of government on all levels. There is even less doubt that those trying to get re-elected will tell you the economic health of our city and state are just great! Except when it no longer can be hidden or denied that there is a serious problem.

This year is no different than any other year, one group blaming another group who is blaming some other enigmatic abstract of the reality of government insolvency. Sadly the general public has taught our candidates for office that fear works, so opponents in state and local races are often compelled to scare the public into taking action.

Much to the chagrin of organized party politics, the public has become disgusted, apathetic and fed up with the barrage of constant lying and blaming that goes on every election year. Since the candidates for office do not have the courage to speak the truth I will, and should my critics disagree with me, then they are free to do their own research and prove me wrong.

Personally I do not blame people for being grossly disinterested in donating to campaigns, attending rallies and supporting our wide spectrum of perverse candidates for office. What is really frightening and disheartening is that our candidates for office really believe they can fix anything. The only thing our candidates for office can do is dismantle the government and put up obstacles to special interest groups. They can also address unfunded mandates by complaining loudly they are unfair.

Well what is the problem you may ask? The biggest problem and obstacle to the state prospering is the Federal Government, the supremacy clause, the Federal Reserve, Quantitative Easing, failed treaties, theft, crony bailout capitalism, and obstacles to getting value out of our tax dollars.

Little to none of this can be addressed by a state leader, and even less can be done by one state to fix it. As a case in point lets take a look at the Federal Governments "wild card" dubbed Obama Care. The bill is not even in force yet and insurance companies are taking a defensive stance. States are trying to block Obama care and business are seriously concerned about it. We can add "cap and trade" and of course Linda McMahon who would have you think that its a Democrat "Job Killer."

These are just some of the recent bills that are on the table but there has been several others that also have already passed that are not likely to be repealed. These include GATT, NAFTA, and several others. Personally I do not know the impact of these mistakes on the overall economy and to me that does not matter. What matters is that a serious amount of damage has been done to our economy for abstract reasons that rarely make any sense to the average person.

Should any of our local disingenuous politicians really take up the gall to fix our state, they should begin by learning about the the states Charter Oak Tree and consider perhaps finding a new one to hide our charter in. Because what needs to be done is surely going to send someone looking for it again.

To fix Hartford, Connecticut needs to rebel against Washington and its state killing ways. The state can rebel by  challenging the Supremacy Clause of the Federal government in court. Many states are already doing this on the precept that the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution takes precedent.

The next thing we can do is have our Attorney General sue the Federal Government over every economic injury Congress committed against commerce in our state. Next our Governor needs to get on board and start amping up the rhetoric against the Federal Governments economic policies and start demanding remedies to their repeated injuries against us. I would also be so brazen as to attempt state tariffs or equivalents on imported slave goods from other countries.

Lastly, it is our right under the U.S. constitution to coin our own money either in Gold or Silver. Should the Federal Government continue to debase our dollar with Quantitative easing, debt, and international economic warfare, it then becomes our legal right to coin our money. This will most likely be Silver since Gold is "off the charts." At the present rate of monetary abuse by the federal government, it will be a few short years before the Dollar is replaced under protest at the next G20 meeting. Expect something like a Breton Woods Two and a global SDR note as the new world reserve currency.

As Americans continue to aimlessly consume and take up the mike in Washington, the world is not going to stand idly by as our leaders are talking up a good game. Eventually it will be time to "pay the piper" and when that happens expect the global medium of trade, the U.S. Dollar, (abused into oblivion by Congress) decoupled from Oil and commodity purchases world wide. As Hillary our Secretary of State even admitted our escalating debt is approaching a level now so serious as to be called a national security risk. The sooner our state distances itself from the Federal Government and its associated problematic instruments of control the sooner our state can get on with our business.

What Hartford needs is a not a "happy go lucky" "local yokel" with a "Fix Hartford Sign" what we really need is someone out there with a few Quadrillion Dollars and a "Fix The World" sign.

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