Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cheaper Electric And Market Choice Hinges On State Politics

Last year, the Connecticut Legislature made it a very difficult year for consumers in the energy market. The Democrat super majority in the legislature tried to end deregulation in the energy business, which would have been a game changer for your choices, and would affect everyones ability to save money on their electric bills. Fortunately, we had a Republican Governor that stood up for consumers and vetoed the bill, which ended a direct threat to saving us customers money on our electric bills this legislative year.

Elections have consequences. It is up to us to vote for officials that will protect our consumer rights and our ability to save them money. It is imperative that we elect proponents, also the Governor is key. Please get out and vote, and encourage your friends, family and friends to vote for legislators who protect our savings and our energy choices.

Please call your State representatives to see where they stand on energy deregulation prior to your casting your vote, or see how they voted on the energy bill in the links below. If you have any questions on where your Senator and State Representative stands, please feel free to give me a call at 203-846-9900.

If Malloy, or a like opponent, is elected governor, he will NOT veto attempts to re-regulate the energy business, because he would not provide the backstop to the next super majority in our state legislature that may be intent on re-passing this re-regulation bill.

Results of the House and Senate voting this year on the Energy Bill that was vetoed by Republican governor Jodi Rell:

("NO" is for consumers, "YES" is against against consumers.) (Senate Vote) (House Vote)

Please forward this blog on to your friends, family, customers, and any other energy brokers in CT.

Submitted by Rick Giordano, Edited by Rocco Frank


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