Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Final Countdown To Elections Begins

With November 2nd coming upon us like a Lion the time to start learning about our candidates for office is here. This week Jill Dion of the Milford Mirror contacted me and wanted all my readers to know that she is soliciting position statements on the candidates for office. These statements are limited to 300 words so they will offer only a snippet of knowledge.

They are, however, worth reading and will be published in the Mirror from now on. This is the best start on getting a collection of candidate remarks on the numerous seats on the ballot. You may also use google to learn about the candidates, and go back in this blog to read my many postings about the people in the running.

While I am always learning new things about the candidates, I personally suffer the same dilemma that many of you have and that is the paradox of the political pageant here in our state. I call it a pageant because it is a contest, and like the Miss America Pageant we look to our contenders in much the same way. How do they dress, are they well groomed, how did they answer questions, how did the public respond to them. Who is the most favored by the internet community and which one is just losing their edge due to their personal problems.

Sadly the candidates with the most amount of money get an edge because they can buy a bigger parade and push more propaganda to the masses. More often than not this candidate produced material is scientifically prepared to get a reaction out you, its recipient. That reaction lately has been to scare you into believing that the opponents are going to do something terrible to your future.

This duplicity and misdirection makes finding out the truth an enigmatic maze whereby an innocent bystander can be easily tricked by the antics of political scientists. This year I ask that my readers use the last bastion of freedom to get all points of view. Use the internet to aid your decision while taking very lightly the information that originates from the Political Scientists.

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