Friday, October 15, 2010

Rocco Frank Personal Statement

The world in which we live is increasingly moving toward Globalization, and with those painful changes our small State, and our small Town, is in the process of enduring difficulty while attempting to find its place in the world.

Connecticut’s workforce has already endured several challenges. Challenges, that in my opinion, are the result of many failed Federal economic treaties, broken promises, and terrible economic policies that originated from all levels of government. The key issues in Connecticut right now is not who to blame, it’s who to embrace… its jobs, the debt abatement of our states children and our new place in an emerging nation. Connecticut’s legacy must never be defined by its failures or the World’s problems. Connecticut and its people must be defined by our mutual resilience and our willingness to succeed where all others have failed.

As a State Representative I would proudly introduce and co-sponsor legislation that stimulates the economy from the bottom up. This means putting money back in the working persons pocket while streamlining government to pay for only essential services. This also means encouraging and rewarding those state workers who are most productive and find ways to save essential Dollars in deficit years.

Temporary tax cuts for the middle class, in my opinion, is the best way we can begin to deal with the interim economic changes. We must also encourage our citizens to save, and eliminate personal debt by dissuading the very predation of usury and inappropriate lending. I will also work hard to hold irresponsible lenders accountable and protect our borrowers.

Looking toward our mutual future, I will also work to address the green economy as a way of producing future jobs while responsibly serving the needs of our environment. It would be my honor and privilege to introduce and co-sponsor legislation that begins this states transition away from non-renewable fossil fuels to the future of sustainable living. The future of our economy must be rooted in Smart Growth, and it must mandate that all public and state buildings begin the gradual process of converting to the “Netzero” “Leeds” certified standards.

The future is here now, and our state has been slow to respond. Our state has been challenged to find the answers and provide the leadership, direction and programs on too many occasions. Moving forward, we must learn to rely on ourselves and less on our handicapped Federal Government.

As it stands Connecticut is the most indebted nation in America, and as such responsible change can only occur by way of organized and voluntary compliance. The cost of not addressing our issues will only move us closer to the embarrassing austerity measures imposed by virtue of “bankruptcy” and the need for the emergency aid of our Federal Government.

Should the people of Milford elect me, I will work tirelessly, relentlessly, and feverishly to do all that I can, with everyone I know to move our state into a position of strength. A very wise man once told me that it is the responsibility of the “previous generation to make the next generation stronger.” While I am just one person, in this quest I promise to confer and continue to seek out only those individuals who embrace the vision and wisdom for a better future for our people and our state.

Rocco J. Frank Jr.
Candidate Milford State Representative 118th District
(203) 247-4357

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