Monday, October 11, 2010

Milford Daily Blog Makes The News Over Probate Campaign

Orange Probate Judge John Carengelo, a Republican, is criticizing his opponent for featuring a blogger’s comment on her campaign website that apparently questions his integrity.

Carengelo said he is appalled his opponent, Milford Probate Judge Beverly Streit-Kefalas, a Democrat, would allow comments from Milford Independent Committee Chairman Rocco Frank to be placed on her website. Carengelo and Streit-Kefalas, both 12-year incumbents, are running against one another because the probate courts in Orange and Milford are being consolidated.

Frank, who is an Independent Party state representative candidate, wrote that “As a judge, (Streit-Kefalas) also recognized that any Republican Party judge under the direction of the demanding (Milford Mayor James L.) Richetelli administration would likely become an “activist judge” who the mayor and its party leadership favors in exchange for the campaign money and influence given him. This would impair and impede his ability to be independent and impartial to the public.”

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By Brian McCready, Milford Bureau Chief

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