Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Andrew White Independent Nominee for State Treasurer 2010

The Founding Fathers envisioned a government perhaps best described years later by Abraham Lincoln: “[a] government of the people, by the people, [and] for the people.” They founded the united States with the Declaration of Independence, lost life and fortune, and constructed a Constitution for Citizen Legislators - not a permanent ruling class. Throwing off the yoke of one despot to take up chains of hundreds of tyrants was not their plan. Almost 250 years later, though, America has lost the Founder’s ideals in a very bad way - but all is not lost. Indeed, our darkest hour may precede a Renaissance of the Individual American for our next 250 years. At home, that is a Connecticut Renaissance.

I am Andrew White, and I am running for Treasurer of the great state of Connecticut. I am also a common man - not unlike you. Son of US Army captain, educated in a standard way and married with two (if I may say) cute girls. I’m not rich, not a lawyer, not a politician nor famous. I am also a highly concerned citizen. But appearances can be deceiving. I’m a naturally-born US citizen who entered the world on the Rein Mein US Base in Frankfurt, Germany. I grew up in Huntsville, Alabama (home of NASA and the last 1950’s upbringing by a non-indigenous extended family - thus no accent). I later attended The University of Alabama (think ‘Gone with the Wind’). My self-programmed “major” was broadly classically liberal infused with finance/economics (mentored by two College Deans and a senior businessman). I graduated with a Bachelor of Finance (summa cum laude). Soon thereafter, I earned a Master of Economics and a Chartered Financial Analyst designation – gold standard for investment analysts.

While a Senior in college, I met a…different…kind of girl, at least in Tuscaloosa: a violinist from Berkeley, California, complete with tye-dye, blonde hair down past her rear and a violin "hickey." My proper, Prince Edward Island-raised mother was not pleased. After graduation, I followed HER to San Francisco where I worked at Sumitomo Bank. Coincident with her graduation from UC Berkeley, we married (going on 14 years now) and moved to London, England for her professional performance violinist fellowship. Six months turned into six years. She rose to play with the Royal Philharmonic, toured with European orchestras and once rocked with Eric Clapton. I worked my way up through Citibank into UBS, where I was a global equity strategist and manager amid a material turn-around in $400 billion investment assets. Along the way, I also served as Vice Chairman of Republicans Abroad (UK).

Post 9/11, we wished to return to America, but there were no jobs to be found. Despite having a Top 1% GMAT globally, I did NOT go US Ivy League to bide my time in the recession. Instead, I looked deep within myself and reached back into my college studies. In particular, a previously unknown impregnable, 20-year emotional wall (related to my own parents' divorce decades ago) crashed down upon me, leaving a new questing decade in its rubble. Long story short, we left England and our institutional 20’s (1990's) behind, put everything in storage, and eventually drove the classic US road trip journey of 30,000 miles through 48 states over 15 months to get back in touch with the real America. Chronicled on, it was the beginning of a creative explosion that would lead me away from Wall Street-style money management into the world of entrepreneurial alternative asset management.

I am Andrew White, and I have experienced global highs and personal lows. Three times. I know the cycle - personally and professionally - and how to recover (e.g. specific answers, not platitudes). Times are so serious today that we can no longer ignore factors affecting us near-term AND long-term. They are increasingly one in the same. Our current circumstances, however, directly relate to the major parties' dominance (especially the Democrats). Over 30 years, they took America's richest state with the 17th lowest tax rate and turned it into the 3rd highest tax rate while accruing $70 billion debts (or about $70,000 per household).

Business as usual is OVER. It is time to Take Our State Back in the 2010 election. Most importantly, it's time to also implement specific solutions after the election that will unleash a bull market in economy and liberty like you’ve never experienced. Like almost all today, I too want to echo Martin Luther King Jr. in one day saying, “Free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty, we’re free at last!”

Returning Connecticut to Constitutional limits will NOT be easy. BUT, it IS possible. There are 3.5 million of us, only a few of them, and the dignity of human freedom on OUR side. It is also beyond necessary. We face a horrendous Sophie’s Choice wherein one half of our State will live in ruin or the other half will die early. That’s not opinion; it’s mathematical certainty. We owe it to our ancestors, to our families, and to our towns to ensure that that day never comes to pass. If we continue the Statist path of the last 30+ years, though, YOU and I WILL both walk through that Valley.

There are those who understandably deride me for many reasons. That’s ok. Many instead focus on who's talking platitudes/career advancement and who's talking solutions. As Gandhi once said, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

I’m willing to do the heavy lifting and take the arrows, but I need YOUR help to do so. This is YOUR opportunity to finally have a Treasurer in YOUR image; a Treasurer OF, by and for The People to lead all of State back to Constitutional governance.

Give me an inch, I'll jog a mile. Give me a mile, and I'll run all the way to the Hartford. It's quite likely the difference between having to again choose between the lesser of two evils amidst societal ruin or a bull market in economy and liberty the likes you've never seen. Thank you for your time and consideration. Time to REcreate our future! Onward and upward!

Andrew White

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