Sunday, September 28, 2008

Congress Angry they have No Power Over The Fed

Criminal elements within our own government pulled off the ultimate scam, they just sold 700 Billion dollars of garbage rated financial assets to the taxpayer. Rather than hold the criminals accountable who created this mess we just sent them a big fat reward and a message that they can do no wrong, that the American taxpayer is a "doormat" and our associated leaders are mere obstacles that can be ignored by the oligarchs in charge.

The tally on the federal bailout, the one no one talks about, is the influx of calls into our congressional leaders offices. As far as the bailout goes the calls have bee coming in overwhelmingly with two responses. "NO" and "HELL NO" to the bailout of the Wall Street Felons.

Unfortunately for the people and our elected government, we were also told to "sit down and shut up" because a handful of treasonous traitors just over-rode the entire Constitutional process and "shelved" all our rights and complaints so they could get on with paying out billions starting Monday.

Special Note: The 700 Billion House Bill Defeat today would have been in addition to the 700 Billion already issued in credit by the FED. The Fed already has the power to issue as much liquidity and loans as they wish without approval from congress, this vote was meerely a feeble attempt to mask and legitimize the actions of the FED.

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