Friday, April 18, 2008

Can A School Drop Out Become Governor?

Our Speaker of the House, and my opponent has got to have the biggest "pair" in town. His academic achievement is absolutely baffling and sub-par. Jim Amann also known by many "old timers" in town as the Johnathan Law High School troublemaker created a name for himself the day he set the school on fire.

People who know Jim have characterized him as being a sub par student who had difficulty attaining even the most basic of academic standards. Against the odds, he did graduate from High School even with all the controversy and mischief he was known for there.

He did attend University for a very short time, but for numerous unknown reasons he eventually concluded that college was not "his thing" and decided to quit.

This academic failure on his part raises a very important question on many peoples minds. How can a person who has such a poor educational level, be expected to comprehend in-depth legislation, complex accounting spreadsheets, and even be expected to know how to manage thousands of employees, negotiate contracts based on sound macro-economic principles and be trusted not enslave the population of our state with his mistakes?

Perhaps times were different then, but today most parents (who love their children) would cringe should they discover that their child was a juvenile delinquent whose sole ambition was to quit school. What is more enlightening about our Speaker is that he has a crass, crude vocabulary to match his "sub-par" education.

Amann, as part of his vocabulary, routinely engages others with unprofessional language. These choice words include "Idiot," "HeartOn", "Crush", "Brain-Dead", and many others too inappropriate to mention. Certainly we would not call this progressive under any circumstance. If anything these inappropriate words are an admission of our Speaker's disappointing and unprofessional image as a state legislator.

As if that was not shocking enough, Jim is now getting even more arrogant and grandiose than ever before. Jim, after enraging the the Democrats by ignoring party primary results in the last U.S. Senate race, is demanding that the Democratic Party, the very people he betrayed, support his bid for Governor. Quite sadly, and absent any real choices come 2010, it is entirely possible that CT could have this under educated, insulting, and un-professional man become our next governor.

It is my belief, that should Amann actually win the gubernatorial bid, our state will see his lack of education result in some of the greatest political and economic mistakes ever made in CT. Anyone supporting Amann's bid must be prepared to pay with their own jobs, lives, health and family finances.

Personally I know this to be true based on the fact that his record speaks to his character. We can expect more of the same frustrating, costly trial and error with Amann. We could expect increased potential for corruption, more wasted tax dollars on lavish parties, more opposition and issues with ethics committees, more rude insulting divisive crass language, the introduction and passing of bills that he does not read on fully understand and of gravest concern the constant battle to misappropriate state funds on mundane projects that in debt our state and benefit no one.

Every person in lower Milford needs to band together and send a message this Nov. 2008 that we demand higher standards of both professionalism and academia of our leaders in Hartford. We must speak out with our voice and with a vote for Change. This November vote for Independent leadership not in the clutches of a bickering deceptive party system.

As of today nearly 30% of our state, frustrated with parties, have become registered independents, and yet not one Independent representative exists in Hartford. Voting for me Rocco J. Frank Jr. this Nov. will bring the long overdue Independent voice desperately needed Hartford.

My promise is to never be compromised by energy interests, lobbyists, or any tyrants who come bearing gifts in exchange for favorable policy. Having a great family and loving children, there is nothing more that I desire than to return to you all that you lost. All our children deserve better from our leaders who often are lost to the subversive nature and prevalent corruption that will remain ever present in the annals of government.

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