Friday, July 29, 2011

Why I Decided to Run For Mayor

To give you an overview on why I am running for Mayor is to present a simple message to the people of Milford. "The Two Party System Is Disingenuous and Cannot be Trusted."

Last year both Democrats and Republicans took credit for the citywide tax decrease, however both sides neglected to mention they borrowed the money to do it. This borrowing increased our debt to 240M in 2010, not including interest.

The "Entrenched Two Party Leadership" also fattened their pension fund to an astounding $380M a 100% over funding according to the Mcready article in the MOB!! In turn, the People of Milford were left with a current estimated 300M in 2011 debt... debt voted on and spent by both parties.

Since 2008! the CAFR's (Comprehensive Audited Financial Results) indicate our city liabilities are growing at an alarming 17.7% per year, while our city assets are growing at 6.6% per year.

Neither Democrats nor, Republicans want to acknowledge that their collective leadership is the cause of Milford "Heading of a Cliff!!" We will soon have "More Liabilities than Assets" by 2014-2015 if nothing changes.

For the last year I viewed and studied the books of Milford, I read the auditors reports and am keenly aware of the many reactions of our city leaders who are stuck on a 10% fantasy debt ratio figure. This is a method that I disagree with. If elected I would adjust the pension model to pay down city debt, something I believe both my opponents would refuse to do.

While I have no intention of arguing with the overly optimistic accounting logic at City Hall, I do take issue with the selective appropriations that secure the futures of those individuals who redirected these excessive sums of public tax money to their private pensions.

On a final note, there are many other issues that have me frustrated with the conspiratorial silence of the self serving money dolers that are our disingenuous two party buddy system. I expect that this year will be no different than any other, the Big Developers, Law Firms etc... their personal rational interests and their money will corrupt the voters in favor of owed jobs, contracts and work for a select politically connected few. We must not allow these people to get away with the "Highjacking" of our city!

When people vote for Me or any independent, they are voting for a "Level Playing Field." We are a party that does NO FAVORS FOR ANYONE! Not land clearer's, Not Cadley House wrecking developers, Not Law firms, Not Big Banks, and Certainly Not other Politicians. Our Goal is to make winning deals that are to the advantage of the taxpayers... not the other way around.

This is perhaps the single greatest reason why getting elected as an Independent is so difficult. While the Democrats and Republicans have accepted what amounts to "bribes" from a great many destructive forces in Milford, the Independent Party has refused all special interest money and rejected all donors with implied conditions. We are not open for business, nor are we for sale! We would rather run a campaign with little to no money than to sell out for a big Billboard on the Post Road.

In order to run a truly honest City we cannot accept "Money for Influence." We can only accept "donations from the Heart."

Rocco J. Frank Jr.
ICO ComputerFox Inc.
374 New Haven Ave.
Milford, CT 06460


Anonymous said...

I support him 100%. Let me know how I can help.

Anonymous said...

Come see them in the non-profits area at the Oyster Festival.