Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tired of Dishonesty in Milford? Then Join The Independent Party!

Come to the Official Caucus and candidate selection process it will be held this July28th 2011 in accordance with our agreement set at the last meeting of May 30, 2011. Please be advised that this date is in advance of the final caucus date of Wednesday August 3rd.

August 3rd, is the final date for all appeals re: candidate decisions and final last call placements.

Milford Fat Cats have Bloated Pension Fund, Residents in Deep Debt
The meeting location for the Caucus will be at Gusto's, in the Private Party Room on the lower level. The address to Gustos is 255 Boston Post Road, Milford, CT 06460 (203) 876-7464.

This is going to be a real Fun event for everyone, and if you plan on running for a city post your attendance is strongly encouraged.

The caucus is an open Caucus and will commence at 7:00P.M in the lower level private meeting Room. Press members we encourage you to post the date in the customary way that your paper or periodical does, and we encourage all members of the public to attend.

Ref. Brian Mcready, Milford Orange Bulletin July 14, 2011 Article "Layoffs averted in Milford."

Ref. Cited in MDB of June 9, 2011 "Milford's Comprehensive Audits Indicate Excessive Liabilities"

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