Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Police Substation an Example of "Pork Barrel" Spending.

Simon Lake School was closed at great inconvenience to many parents who had children in that area. The decision to close the school was because the BOE was short on funds and they were told concessions had to be made.

You may not remember, but about two years ago the Jonathan Law auditorium was packed with nearly 1,000 very visibly upset teachers, parents, and students who held up signs pleading to have their school saved. School staff were laid off, attritioned and it was a very sad and despondent last day when the kids who were there had to say good bye to their school.

Education challenges in Milford have come mostly from the Republicans who opposed improvements to Jonathan Law, hired less than qualified Superintendents and terminated security guards. Never is there any discussion about how their choices caused our kids to rank in the bottom 1/3 for elementary schools, and the bottom 2/3 for middle schools. I remember when the CAPT scores were so terrible Polanski had to visit other schools and figure out how to effectively educate our kids.

With the way our schools have been financially treated over the last five years perhaps it’s my opponents concern that their actions and decisions will tempt our jobless kids to resort to more local crime.

The Republicans in Milford have had a very unusual and unorthodox relationship with the Milford Police Department. They stood silent as evidence in the Anderson vehicular homicide issue was front page news. They said and held no one accountable when the city destroyed the
subpoenaed videotapes "allegedly by accident" and they defend the fact, that despite all the policy and managerial issues in the P.D., that our police chief deserves nearly $200,000 a year in compensation for his effective management skills.

I could go on, and on, about how republicans dole out money to the police department in Milford I think the people of our city heard enough fear mongering about public safety issues. I will instead focus on the fact that this police substation is a BAD IDEA that will accomplish more waste at a time when the city is riddled with an est. 300M in debt.  A police training center/substation, in my opinion is a luxury not a need. I believe it will do little to nothing to alleviate the ongoing criminality in our city in any meaningful way.

What I believe the substation will accomplish is to perhaps earn the Republican Party support from the Police Unions and their friends and families here in Milford. I personally believe that those beneficiaries will help aid and assist Bob Joy in breaking his fiduciary promises by getting this "Wasteful" complex up and running.

To explain what I mean, Both Blake and Joy have borrowed phrases from Department stores like Target. They promised the voters that they were concerned about the city debt and we were going to get "More for Less." Instead it appears we are getting just "More or Less" of the same wasteful
spending. The election has merely begun just a few short months ago and these two liberal usurpers have doled out or proposed nearly 2 Million in wasteful spending under the guise of "charitable donations." I would like to remind the people of Milford that there is little to no difference
between Blake and Joy, they are both alike, in that they enjoy "Spreading the wealth" of the property owners in Milford.

Hopefully the voters are alert and awake enough to realize that they are spending our own money and not "bearing gifts" as they both would have us believe. If Milford fails to elect a real conservative they may just wake up one day and ask “how did such a great city change so dramatically.” For this reason I warn and beg of the voters to learn the facts and vote using critical thinking skills, if we keep letting the parties hijack our city they will keep forcing the rest of us to endlessly dig deeper to support their pet projects and outlandish salaries and benefits.

It is ultimately up to us to vote for those individuals who will allow Milford to prosper for the people and not the politicians.

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