Friday, September 30, 2011

Blake Vs. Joy, War of Words Yet Best of Friends

The Milford Mayoral campaign has kicked off to a relatively enthusiastic start, and in that quest for a new beginning the gloves have come off between the Main Party candidates. Last week Blake was lambasting the flawed judgment of Joy, and Joy was off complaining about Blake. During this dysfunctional melee it was hard not to notice some of the names in the “info war viper pit” whom were writing letters to the editor of the Mirror and the MOB.

There are several, but to get our Independent readers informed you should be well aware that Jagodinski, Dellamonica, Fowler etc... are “Hard Core Republicans” who I can say almost always Vote their Row. The same goes for names like Smith, Rosen, Brown etc... Who also, I would bet, always vote their Row.

While these two groups are Row, Row, Rowing Milford off the edge of a waterfall I have been “shouting from the rooftops” while pointing to the dangers that lie ahead. As the election moves on, I am realizing that common sense, combined with critical thinking skills is what’s lacking among both my competitors, I suppose to elaborate on this point, and to point out some of the idiosyncrasies, I would allude to the relationships they hold dear and the company they keep on display. For instance, I do not think it is genuine or sincere to offer up help to our veterans and then go door to door with someone like Rosa Delauro or Jane Fonda for that matter (both are very similar and equally disliked by veterans,) nor would I call myself a conservative and then press ordinances that deprive us of liberty or promote unnecessary wasteful spending on pet projects.

My goal in this editorial is not to join in on the impish and immature war of words that both Joy and Blake love so much, rather it’s to point out that after the election both of them will be the best of friends. The staged theatrics of division between these two individuals is to decieve you. The truth is that they have agreed on just about everything in their past votes at the Board of Alderman except for some very minor issues.

Each of them is thus far equal in their charitable giving, equal in their thoughts on taxation, and both have not yet once taken a stand on the excessive liabilities incurred at the hands of their political parties. This letter is not to tell you how to cast your vote come November, nor is it to tell you how great the Independent Party is and all its candidates, this letter is to remind you that if you do not get non voters out to vote, one of these two parties is going to perch themselves right in the “business as usual seat” being vacated by Richetelli.

Let this note be a plea on my part to have you come out in defense of this patch of beautiful land we call home. At the end of this election you will have decided our and your families future!

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