Friday, August 12, 2011

Ben Blake, Bob Joy Dismiss Milford Independents

After the conclusion of the Independent Party Caucus last month the Milford Independent party agreed to reach out to the major parties with offers in compromise. We spoke with municipal leaders from both sides of the aisle including, party chairmen and and both candidates for Mayor.

The idea was simple "lets appeal to each other's rational interests and govern together." Our goal was to cross endorse the top spot for Mayor in exchange for equal (D) or (R) party consideration on paid jobs and commission appointments. In 2009 Spalthoff and Chaucer received nearly 18% of the vote collectively, this year, even if that number is reduced by 50% that could have meant the difference of 20% in favor of one candidate or another.

However, their decisions were stunning!  Both Ben and Bob rejected the wishes of 1,000 to 2,000 voters.  This outlandish rejection is based on an enigmatic "quid pro quo" and in Bob's case a direct "NO!" Neither side has any intentions of making any promises or guarantees.  The inclusion of the Milford Independent Party to participate in city government appears to exist mostly in political theory only. However irrational, we find it difficult to accept that they truly believe their decisions are based on honorable and reasonable logic.

This year we will again have a Three way race for Mayor because the irrational thinking of our top contenders want it that way. The Milford Independent Party can no longer change what Ben and Bob decided for the Milford Independent voters. However, YOU CAN, by sharing this article with your friends and neighbors. Convince them to vote for The Independent line as a show of solidarity against those irrational and partisan individuals who continuously dominate and hijack our city with their loyal people and Political Party ideology. 

This year Independents have offered up John Grant to the Republicans and Cross Endorsed Suzanne Manning for City Clerk. In return Both Parties offered Independents NOTHING. We are doing our part, now it is up to you to do yours! Vote Independent... by doing so you will break this cycle of ignorance and help us make a difference in the fiscal future and security of our city.

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