Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Presstitutes Are At It Again

Well their first attempt to slander me failed, now they launched a new nameless shameless editorial in the upcoming Milford Mirror. Since I have no idea who wrote it, because its online, I will take the liberty to answer all the foolish questions that were asked and explain my ethics and logic once again.

To my readers this is the latest confused reporter with a 3rd hand story concocted from the misinformation contrived from heresay, rumor, speculation, and probably a talking Republican or Democrat frog. CLICK HERE FOR EDITORIAL STAFF ARTICLE.

Since this buffoon never called me I will answer his questions. A: There is no difference in my mind between a (R) and a (D) they are two wings on the same dead bird. B: Yes I really do know its pretty close to impossible to win which is why it makes more sense to cross endorse... C: Any Chairman's job is to get his people in office as you are well aware the public gets upset over everything and its not my job to please everyone. D: Commission appointments are paid $0.00 and a full time job at city hall would be I am sure the lowest salary offered in the city probably way less than the legal expenses they pay defending their bad behavior.

Why these fools write this trash is beyond me but clearly they have something to fear. I have no money $0 in my campaign chest and I usually get a few hundred votes what is the outlandish obsession with little old me Rocco Frank? One last point this was not a strategy it was an "offer in compromise" it was all about "sharing" you know the same thing you teach your kids.  I hear parents say play nice and share all the time. Apparently sharing is unethical and possibly a crime in Milford.... unless of course you are Jim Richetelli or Winn Smith or something.... I guess it does not work for anyone outside of their sandbox! 

I am getting pretty tired of watching my press releases get butchered by unethical and confused reporters. As a reminder the original press release is at the Milford Daily Blog (Right below see the Gnome) and it mentions nothing about job costs that will burden the taxpayers of Milford. Even if we reached an agreement it still would have been the voters who decided, unlike after they are elected and they have no choice in what jobs are created for themselves. In my view its better to know about these deals in advance while the voters still have choice. After the election voters have no choice and these deals are made anyway that bothers me more than being up front transparent and honest.  

Independents have not lost their values reporters are giving their political opinions without doing their homework.

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