Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Democrats and Republicans Exploit Hurricane for Votes

Politics in Milford amazes me, and as one could expect "no crisis should ever go to waste." Soon after the hurricane hit, both candidates for Mayor, the Republican and the Democrat took to the press to exploit this horrific event for their own political gain. This is not a difficult call to make, because in the past, during the hardships we faced from other natural disasters, including flooding like we have seen in the last week, neither one of them (to my knowledge) ever posted a caring blog or made a loving comment.

Now we have Lawyers with a heart and Politicians with a conscience doing what they do best, posing for pictures and telling heartfelt stories and pretending to have a connection to humanity. I expect to see lots of photographs depicting everything from baby kissing, to posing with municipal celebrities. It will be up to you to guess why. Is it perhaps they have suddenly found Jesus and and are in touch with their kinder gentler spiritual selfless side? or is it election season and they are exploiting your vulnerabilities in exchange for your vote?

Thankfully, and I personally believe, that the people of Milford know the difference between phony politics and genuine sincerity. In my view, sincerity is a long and selfless track record of giving without expectation of a reward. Some of the most selfless heroes I know are Mother Theresa, Gandhi, and my late Grandmother Rose Frank who fed Troops, cared for the sick and injured, and helped rebuild wells in her village in 1943 during the WWII battle for Sicily. She never ran for office and her selfless personality flourished until the day she passed.

There are rare people out there who just light up a room with their sincerity, their kindness and their generosity. It is a phenomena that requires no pictures, speaks no words and requires no news coverage. This is because true heroes are discovered by surprise, it is the results of their good deeds that make the news, as is the extent of their impact on the lives of countless greatful others. Heroes are recognized by people like you or me, your friends, your neighbors and in the thoughts and words of the individuals whose lives they changed. Who here, in this city really believes that a couple of mayoral contenders for Mayor realistically and credibly fit this image. 

Humbly I can admit that I am no Gandhi, no Mother Theresa and no saint. What say the rest of our local politicians who now offer good tidings in the wake of a disaster? I say their sincerity is highly suspect in the wake of an upcoming election.. I would love to know your thoughts, do we have genuine sincerity or just a couple of vote grabbing "wind bags?" 

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