Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More Mysterious Letters Call Attention To Double Dipping And Oyster Festival Issues

The following letters to the editor were sent in to this blog without names or return addresses on the envelopes. While I personally have not verified the facts of these letters I therefore publish them for informational purposes and discussion only.

Please feel free to "double click each letter to enlarge it" and use the comment link at the end of this blog to open a dialoge box. Your comments, leads, and supporting facts are appreciated.

The job of the Milford Daily Blog is to present the news and opinions that no other publication in town will address. We therefore believe that we are completing the full spectrum of informational awareness in the local Infowar.

To send me letters for publication, please address them to me personally Rocco J. Frank and use the mail or e-mail. Snail mail is 44 Lexington Way N. e-mail is

LETTER 1 (Double Click Letter To Enlarge)

LETTER 2 (Double Click Letter To Enlarge)

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