Thursday, June 2, 2011

Milford Labor Unions Cry Foul

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and unfortunately those union workers deemed expendable are the "measure of choice. The current job market is terrible, and in Milford if you are a security guard, a Public Works employee or a low level aid be thankful your contract was renewed this year.

Last week I read in the newspaper that the School security guards at Foran and Law, who were being let go by Superintendent of schools Elizabeth Feser, were very upset. They now claim there is an outlandish conspiracy to specifically target them as punishment for forming a labor union.

We have heard this once before through the city attorneys office when Cynthia Anger was fired for allegedly forming a Labor Union. We later learned the truth that Cynthia Anger was not fired for forming a labor union, but was instead fired for insubordination. The kind of insubordination that denied our Mayor the right to be a deciding tie breaking vote on the P&Z board.

Kevin Lyddy was chastised for voting improperly, and Democrat Suzan Shaw won the chaimanship the legal way. This however, was not without a fight because in the 5-5 tie the Mayor demanded that he be given the legal authority to break the tie with His vote. Cythia called this illegal and it is alleged she lost her job over it. It is fair to assume that there was illegal activity because a settlement was reached that was very favorable to Ms. Anger. So we must be careful when we talk about such delicate issues as Union Busting in Milford and the propensity for our city leaders to demand our employees break the law. The law must never again be treated like a mere inconvenient platitude to be ignored.

Earlier this week I was contacted again by another upset individual who also expressed concern over union busting in Milford and was concerned and afraid that placing her name out there as the "whistle blower" would cost her her job. We have read about the back room deals that go on in town when it comes to high paying jobs, and we also know that there are a large number of Son's, Father's, Daughters, Sisters and Cousins working together in City Hall. Many of them got employed due to nepotism and politics rather than merit. The policy of helping ones family members might be in the rational interests of those families, but it undermines the authority, health and integrity of public service; of which is funded by the people who live in Milford.

My friend was forced to retract a great deal of information placed on the Internet because of fear. This happened during the time we were appointing the Energy Czar. This was another job like the Superintendents Job that was awarded to Jim Whittaker the head of a local Labor union in Milford. While Jim has no formal training in energy management conservation or abatement he was given the job for reasons that we can only speculate on. My contact who works for the city of Milford alleged that Whittaker sold out his union for a substantial pay increase. After hearing, again the concerns of the High School Security guards I have to wonder what are the odds of two similar Union busting stories coming at me in the same month.

This issue is potentially very divisive because the local labor union workers who now appear to be targeted are being treated like "Third class citizens" while the "elite" local rulers, break all the rules at the expense of the people who demand better from our leaders.

We must question the integrity of the entire system, we must ask why our Police chief should make over $180,000.00 a year, and our new unqualified Superintendent should receive Apx. $140,000.00. These grossly exaggerated salaries are at the expense of a couple of security guards who earn a sub-poverty salary of $22,000.00 a year. Where is the justice and how has corruption, greed and avarice gotten so out of control in our town. The greater tragedy is why, yet again, during this campaign season are we not hearing the candidates defend and prosecute these very immoral, corrupt, and selfish acts by the cruelty and evil that is nested so comfortably in the highest offices in Milford?

The only thing that I can assume is that we have Cowards running for Mayor this year. Last week my stomach was in knots as I heard yet again the elite leaders of our community speak to the local proletariat in terms of endearment.  To be crystal clear "I don't give a damn" how much you all "Love Milford" how we are "Going to get More for Less" or that you even "F*$#%G Grew up here!" I really really do not give a Damn!

This year I would like to see some real leadership addressing the corruption and injustice that per- mutate all levels of city hall. Starting with Corrupt hiring practices, and the rights of workers and taxpayers who are being fleeced and lied to about everything. We have Big Big issues to resolve and if the people of this city are so naive to elect our next Mayor based on terms of endearment than this city deserves all that it has coming to it.

My final thought is that you not only pass this along, but actually make some phone calls to both Bob Joy, and Ben Blake and insist that they condemn the people mentioned here for their criminal practices.

Since they are both well versed in the law they should have no problem finding what areas of the "Equal Opportunity Employment Act" or " Fair Labor Standards Act." Etc.. were violated.

But in case they forgot what they learned in Law School the below link is provided as a reminder.

Rocco J. Frank Jr.

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