Friday, June 3, 2011

Milford Recycling Center Creates Human & Animal Wellfare Concerns

About a year ago a Corporation well known for their multiple violations and questionable shady work/business tried to get zoning approval to build a new dump and recycling facility at 990 Naugatuck AVE. Milford Ct. This proposed facility would be accessed from both ends of Naugatuck ave and also by water via the Housatonic river. They would be receiving upwards of 1,000 TONS! of trash and garbage PER DAY! from surrounding cities such as Bridgeport,Stratford,Orange,Derby, Shelton ect. and thanks to the support of the community we were able to shut down their attempts of turning our beautiful neighborhood into another dumping ground.

However they have come back and re-filed for approval under a "New" ownership claim even though they were told NO once before. Since that time the same trucks and dumpsters, with the same Company name, (to this day 5/16/2011) have been making their rounds at 1, 2,3, & 4AM.  We believe they are illegally dumping "who knows what" in the secrecy of the night.

Now as many of you know, or may not know, Naugatuck Ave. is a neighborhood road that runs from I-95 to Exit 36. It also goes all the way to the shores of Walnut beach of which is filled with families many of whom have small children and NO sidewalk. Now this alleged "NEW OWNER" wants to have Dump trucks filled with tons of trash come barreling down YOUR kids neighborhood to dump other peoples trash in "YOUR BACKYARDS!!!"

Other serious concerns will include LESS traffic safety in our neighborhood and excessive road wear including pot holes and pavement warping characteristic of heavy trucks. Its bad enough there are no sidewalks on Naugatuck ave and that the LAWS PROHIBITING tractor trailers and heavy trucking to use Naugatuck Ave. are broken daily, but now we have to worry about the safety of our children, pets and ourselves when walking down the street even more then before.

Property values will be negatively impacted. (Realtors warned us as to the difficulty of selling homes next to a dump)

Other well known hardships of living next to a dump, include disease carried by Mice, Rats, Raccoons, Possum and plenty of Seagulls who pick up and carry germ laden garbage around the surrounding residential areas and yards where children play.

For those who have had the experience of visiting the local dump (CRRE Transfer Station) have heard the noise and commotion from only the few tractors and compactors. Imagine Big Dump trucks coming down YOUR street all day hauling trash 100's of times our local volume. Also lets not forget the added odor induced hardship that already engulfs the EXISTING City Dump.

Recently our taxes have just started to repair Naugatuck Ave's pavement after years of neglect. By allowing more than 1,000 TONS of trash to be hauled up and down our local neighborhood streets local taxpayers will be unwillingly subsidizing the excessive road wear and repair on behalf of an objectionable Corporation. Overweight and heavy trucks rapidly deteriorate local roads at three times the normal pace of a regular community road. (Thats why they are currently being repaired again.)

ACCESS TO THE HOUSATONIC RIVER will be impeded and its recreational use will be restricted. This is because, in that area, there is only ONE access point to the Housatonic River for Milford CT. Years ago our city had Two access points, one was behind the Caswell Cove complex but that area is now blocked by Cement poles that Caswell Cove installed.  Their permit has stopped Milford Tax Payers from using common CITY PROPERTY IN THE WAY THEY WERE ONCE ACCUSTOMED.) The poles remain, under the objections of the local residents who are cut us off from their own river.

The only other remaining access point our city has left is the boat launch under the I95 bridge that has been closed for the last 2 years or more. This closing is due to continuous highway repairs. The bridge will "later reopen" once those "repairs" have been completed.

The caveat of a dump approval will render the final recreational access point to the Housatonic River "off limits." The ramp will no longer be usable because the site business plan and their admission calls for frequent barges delivering ecologically hazardous waste up and down our local river.  As a final point, I would also mention that fisherman have expressed objection due to the fact that large trash filled barges interfere with water crafts and habitats in the river.They have cited many well known studies on how plastic bottles, broken glass, and rusty metals present severe hazards to aquatic wildlife.

Document Edited by Rocco Frank and obtained from the 101 members at the Facebook Group "No Dump at 900 Naugatuck Ave Milford CT!!!"

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Rocco Frank for being so supportive of our endeavor to block this property from becoming 'the largest recycling facility on the east coast'-quoted from Darlene Champdelaine. She is just so thrilled that with the river, railroad, and road (3 R's!) are all already located there and she wants to haul trash from other cities to Milford? This is so wrong. The tenant of the property now, is the former owner who has ties to organized crime and has had his license revoked due to non-compliance. Everybody needs to care about this. It affects ALL of Milford! Oh, the property owes $700,000 in back taxes that the owner claimed would be paid back LAST MONTH! Yeah, it's not been paid, yet! Thieves, crooks, robbers and corrupt politicians rule the roost in Milford. Ask Mr. Richetelli why he got the BOE job. Ask him also why another position with the BOE went to someone who never attended college, yet, got a nice pay increase when he accepted the job offer. Buying someone out? Buying silence? Covering whose butt, Mr. Richetelli?