Monday, November 7, 2011

Richetelli & Candidates Hijack Veterans Day Speeches!

Had a great day with the Veterans at the Parade. Loved everything about this Veterans Day except the Political Parties who name Dropped prior to this Tuesdays Vote. Was also not too keen on the Sophomoric speeches where our local leaders each complimented themselves and reminded us how great a job they all did and how wonderful our community is. Hard not to notice that our leaders have no clue on what to say to people in a Triple Dip Recession... its too funny... it all has to always be good never can it be the way it really is... no connection to reality. It's kind of sad.

Anyhow, this years Veterans Day was kind of surprising, I did not expect to hear so many politicians talk. In previous years, and in other towns, several local veterans took to the podium and told us many inspiring and heartfelt stories about their personal experiences during and after times of war. Hearing Veterans speak during Veterans day is one of the best ways we can appreciate them, more of us have to hear what they have to say and share with us their stories of courage, inspiration and survival.

The worst part of this Veterans day was that most of the people who took center stage in the Milford gazebo never enlisted or fought in a war. Someone grumbled attention was low, if I had to guess why its because I think people are sick and tired of our local kleptocratic politicians hijacking and dominating every public event. The last person I wanted to hear speak this Veterans Day was Jim Richetelli, our candidates for office, and their praise for their "chicken hawk" teams! "

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