Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Survey Proves Milford Opposes NAFTA And Globalism.

Just yesterday I took to the streets and was discussing local and national issues in town with small business owners on New Haven Ave. What I discovered is that many local residents, are not registered to vote, find the system a farce and refuse to vote and without a doubt are disappointed with America.

Some workers at local businesses indicated that they were all for uniting America under the principles and laws established by the Founding Father's and the U.S. Constitution, even Senator Dodd is quoted as promising his angry constituents that we will "get our Constitution back."

Today it was announced that all three presidential candidates, (all with treasonous voting records supporting NAFTA, GAFTA, the UN and and like globalist powerhouses) are members of the Council Of Foreign Relations. This body was established by the same group of wealthy globalists who established the United Nations.

The push to dismantle American sovereignty is now underway with lie after lie in the presidential arena, and as it stands no one is discussing the treasonous voting record of all three candidates who have been steadily marching America and our future prosperity off a cliff.

This blog today is to remind every reader to know and understand that Americans stand for America, not submission and induction to a world government who will regulate how we live based on the fear of Global Warming and Terrorism; each highly suspect and severely under fire. A growing movement now exists exposing 9/11 as an inside job. The loudest voice being, Former Gov. Jesse Ventura, President Jimmy Carter, Willie Nelson, Charlie Sheen, Former Italian Prime Minister Marconi, U.S. Army Major General Stubblebein and countless others.

Milford and the majority of its residents, in my direct surveys, direct communications, and personal experiences have unilaterally denounced globalism and a surrender of our country to a world government. An online poll indicated that a majority of Americans now believe that America is governed by an Oligarchy and because of the continual injury and injustice served to the public from one elected liar to the next, Americans vote with little to no confidence as to whether or not their choice of a candidate will be any better than the previous ones.

This mix of political malaise combined with public anger is leading to a nightmare at the Democratic National convention in Colorado. Popular talk show host Rush Limbaugh has used his website to advocate violence and riots during the Colorado event. Radi host Alex Jones has also had numerous guests warn about the potential for violence including one group who indicated they will do something too grotesque and infuriating to mention. The groups expected to protest in favor of the American Constitution, are: We Are Change, Code Pink, Recreate 68, MoveOn.com, Young Republicans and Democrats and countless other, antiwar, conspiracy theorists, and militia groups.

The local police departments are expected to amass the largest police force ever assembled at this convention to quell any and all potential violence.

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