Thursday, May 8, 2008

Independent American Party Endorses Frank

Yesterday evening the Frank campaign received a telephone call from a Mr. Will Christianson the Independent American Party Chairman with the great news that caucuses were now closed in CT and Rocco J. Frank Jr. was their candidate. The IAP is one of Americas fastest growing parties with membership estimated in the millions nationwide. Connecticut has set up its State headquarters in Willamantic and is headed by Dennis Gorgoglione. Mr. Christianson indicated that the Independent party has been growing in strength and has been planning to absorb and integrate with the Constitution Party and several others.

The similar, AIP (American Independent Party) has had much success out West, and had such notable candidates as far back as 1968 including the nominated Alabama Governor George Wallace. Frank calls this endorsement an honor and a privilege in an era where nearly 60% of all Americans consider themselves Independent. Frank said that the party system in America is severely challenged. Republicans historically represented the wealth of society, now trickled down to a mere 5%, and the Democrats represented the working class. The people who have seen their jobs get exported to India, China, Mexico and several other countries by the millions, leaving us here in America with an apathetic Micro- wage economy.

Frank has interestingly pointed out that Americans want leadership and action during these hard times and according to polls conducted he learned that many people have voted outside their party for both Republicans and Democrats proving the Independent minded community of the 118th district in Milford.

Frank said that the day where an individual pulls all the levers that say "Democrat" or "Republican" is on a rapid decline. Frank said that "people have learned that such an action is what has led to the poor quality hit or miss characters that have compromised the integrity and quality of life in our town and state. Today people wish to know how interesting, qualified, and what innovative ideas new candidates represent to bring about a positive improvement in their lives."

The Independent Party is rapidly filling that goal. Frank also cited that Connecticut is very open to third parties citing Lowell Weicker and Joe Lieberman who both were successfully elected to high office.

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