Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Alan Jepson Compliments Frank Professionalism

Milford Town Clerk Alan Jepson paid Rocco Frank a very nice compliment this week. This compliment came about from the routine filing of election paperwork with the CT Secretary of State's office. As part of the procedure Town Clerks are required to sign and fill out certain election documents, of which prompted a visit to the Town Clerk.

Alan Jepson became familiar with Frank, from the newspaper stories and when in an earlier visit he left him with his web address and campaign cards. By the time Frank returned for a second visit Alan expressed his amazement in how "professional" the website and printed materials were. Frank was absolutely flattered by the Town Clerks compliment and never really thought beyond the campaign staff acting and working as they were instructed to do.

Alan, who also read his positions and ideas, called them "very well written and thought out." Frank described Alan as being "very impressed" with his campaign style and communication method with the 118th district as well as Milford's residents.

Although Frank does not regard The Town Clerk's seal of approval as an endorsement, Frank said that Alan's "kind words certainly were reassuring that the campaign is headed in the right direction." Frank would like to publicly thank Mr Jepson for his kindness and supportive words.

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