Sunday, November 7, 2010

Democrats Steal Elections, Voter Fraud Exposed

It is no secret that Bridgeport was ill prepared for the 2010 vote. What happened was a surprise to many including Mayor Finch who said "Bridgeport can't be remembered as the dimpled chad of elections."

An independent reporting agency asked the Democratic voter registrar what happened and they declined to comment, however the Republican registrar of voters in Bridgeport exposes criminal, civil and blatantly obvious election fraud. All of Acorns activities, a Government sponsored agency, were reported to the Democratic Secretary of State Suzan Byczewitz to investigate.

Some are clamoring that election fraud in Bridgeport was so pervasive, and yet advantageous to the Democratic party in Connecticut that the FBI should open a RICO investigation on ACORN for criminal activity.

What makes Bridgeport's voting so unusual is that the entire country favored Republicans this year, except Connecticut whose entire state and federal elections were thrown in favor of the Democrats. Watch the below video and perhaps we can gain perspective on why protests are the new focal point in Bridgeport.

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