Saturday, November 20, 2010

Holiday Travel Warning To Milford Ct. Residents!

Many people this holiday season are planning to get on airplanes to visit their loved ones. In our area many kids reunite with their parents who live in Florida, are returning from college or just traveling for business. Regardless of what your need to travel this year is, it is dreadfully obvious that airport security has our citizens very upset.

While every American wants to have safer airlines, not every American wants to have their spouse and children sexually assaulted at the airport. This allegation has been repeated to me over and over by many people I know right here in Milford who have said they were sexually assaulted by the TSA while getting on an Airplane at a U.S. airport.

While on the surface these initial claims seemed outrageous, the reality of the graphic detail described to me by individual friends were confirmed by the national news media. Holiday travellers should be warned that the choices at the the airport are grim. When you decide to travel, you can either subject yourself to a potentially harmful dose of radiation, and provide a graphic naked picture to a stranger of yourself, or you can opt out and subject yourself and family to an "enhanced pat down." This "enhanced pat down" would be considered a sexual assault even by the standards of our local police department, who are not permitted to grab the genitals of a child, fondle a woman nor strip a cancer survivor of her prosthetic breasts. 

The problem is costing airlines and the airline industry millions in lost revenue, and is the most aggressive and sexually invasive in the world. The type of sexual assaults being permitted in the name of terrorism is frightening. Anyone who allows themselves to think that a TSA worker is allowed to put their hands down a child's pants, (or any ones pants) to search for a bomb is a dangerous individual.

This holiday season, I would like to let any travelers out there in Milford (or coming to Milford) know that once you start the security process you cannot opt out. If you opt out you will be detained indefinitely and possibly fined up to $11,000.00 for changing your mind.

By all means, take a car and drive to your destination this holiday season.

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