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Milford Post Election Results Commentary

The city of Milford had several terrific candidates that worked very hard this year. Also among these candidates were some not so terrific individuals, but even with that said the voters always get the government we elect. Gayle Slossberg whom was cross endorsed by the Independent Party will be returning to Hartford as a Senator. Richard Roy and Paul Davis will also be returning, additionally and a newcomer in the 118th Kim Rose will be this years freshman.

To add my thoughts, as the Independent candidate in this race, it is important to note that my views belong to me only. You may agree with them or challenge them using the comments section below. You may also feel free to do your own research . When I began this race I was intently familiar with all the candidates in the running. Of the four (now elected) Democrat candidates there was only one that was unknown Kim Rose.

Since we already know the record and reputation of Mr. Davis, Roy and Slossberg I am going to make the point of this article more about Ms. Rose who defeated the chairman of the Milford Board of Alderman much to the surprise of the Republican party and several thousand residents in Milford.

As a disclaimer and before you read on, please note that this is not about "sour grapes" or me being upset over getting defeated. I knew "full well" that I was not going to get elected this election as an Independent. I spent about $250.00 against two established party candidates who randomly spent about $60,000.00.

In 2008 I spent $21,000.00 to get 10% of the vote. This year I instead, opted to be a candidate provocateur. I found that the best way to expose corruption is from within, a side position that I plan on clinging to for many more years so I can keep blogging about the disinformation being told to the people of the 118th.

Since 2006, (when I came on the scene), the 118th has been a sore subject for Independents and Republicans in Milford. This seat became a point of contention when in 2006, it was left unchallenged with only Jim Amann on the Ballot. While Amann was revered as one of the greatest icons in Milford, that view soon became short sighted and unenlightened when it was challenged by Milford Independents. The Democrats later, via courtesy of a video produced at the Milford train station by (Democratic Party member) Bob Adams challenged Amann over his support of Joe Lieberman. Adams recorded a angry Amann Rant, whereby he arrogantly said "if you have any idiot in this town run against me I will crush him." The video went viral and in 2007 Milford was the joke of Connecticut.

While Amann is now out of office, having resigned his speakership in search of a failed gubernatorial bid, its important to note that Amann's record is over stated. Milford benefited little from Amann's personal success. Amann is one of the few Speakers in Connecticut who has the not so enviable and conservative record of delivering the least amount of money to our city.

One of Amman's last projects, before he left office, was the Boardwalk handed over to Barbara Lambert in 2009. Today the project appears abandoned and is currently unfinished after several years of disingenuous remarks by her and the Milford Democratic Town Committee. The boardwalk was sidelined when concern emerged over a new embarrassing national scandal she initiated.

The 2009 scandal involved an AP photographer recording what our legislators do in chambers. What they photographed went viral and the Milford Democrats and our candidate for the 118th became the laughing stock of the entire country. Some of the captions read (along these lines) "Connecticut Representatives Play Solitaire During Crisis." and "Connecticut Fiscal Crisis Second to Baseball Scores and Solitaire."

The Milford Democratic Town Committee, led by Party loyalist Richard Smith, defended Lambert and her actions despite the national and international criticism of this monumental blunder. Lamberts actions were considered so serious that rules regarding laptops had to be changed for the entire Connecticut legislature.

Sadly even with these hard pressed lessons of national shame and embarrassment the Milford Democrats learned little to nothing. To make matters more interesting the voters of the the118th, or the Devon Section of Milford did not care and were blissfully unaware. The "solitaire queen" who resigned of her own free will and accord, was instead heroically revived and placed at her favorite polling place on 11/02/10 Meadowside School. She even cross endorsed Kim Rose despite all the inter party and internal warnings that Ms. Rose is a major liability to the state of Connecticut and Milford.

Many are wondering how did Ms. Rose pull it off? The answer required an enormous amount of research, and even more probing then has previously been done by the Independent Party in Milford. The information we are about to divulge is not flattering but keeps our promise of "veritas" or "truth." All of the information we provide is carefully looked at and validated through credible sources. Readers are free to comment if we have it wrong.

In the 2010 Election Ms. Rose articulated herself well, a skill she practices as a secretary at the Bridgeport Building and Permit Department.  While there are many underlying issues that can be brought up about her personal character flaws we, at the Milford Daily Blog are only going to focus on those that concern the people she will represent and the acrimony reported to us by members of her party.

The information we have received was sent to us by inside sources. Many documents were e-mailed anonymously while others are based on first hand accounts of people who directly work with her in community organizations and public projects. It is my opinion that the information that we received reveals that Ms. Rose is going to be a Major liability in Hartford, and to her present employer.

Sadly, this is a tough job for me because never in my life or career have I been burdened with the knowledge that I have come to bear. I have always liked clean elections and ran a clean race in 2007, and again in 2008. But part of what I believe is the job of a political party is to act responsibly, and keep the Chairman's of the other political parties in check when they act against the interests of our city and state. As such my task is one that will certainly draw criticism, but with courage and resolve I am up to that challenge.

One of the principal concerns we have when running our own candidates is their overall health. This was an issue in 2006 when some questioned Ammans Cancer and again in 2008 when I questioned Lamberts age and ability to drive long distances late at night. Our state Legislators endure a great deal of stress, both mental and physical. Sessions sometimes end as late as 3:00A.M. and the commute from Milford to Hartford can exceed an hour or more. Yet we at the MIP have discovered information that confirms our newly elected State Representative is severely handicapped. Her problem is not visible to the naked eye, but if one dare ask her about her handicap she will be forced to admit the ugly truth about her Pneumonectomy . As outrageous and preposterous a conspiracy this may sound it has been validated by Ms. Rose herself, who sadly has also been witnessed smoking.

Very credible reports have arrived to our office that Ms. Roses condition is so severe, that on more than one occasion and by her own conversations with others, revealed severe work debilitating migraine headaches and repeated tardiness and absenteeism from her current work responsibilities. It will be therefore of critical importance to monitor Ms. Roses attendance record at the capitol starting Jan. 7, 2011. Should Ms. Rose fail in her contractual responsibility to represent our state it will be the responsibility of the Milford Republicans and Independents to call upon her to resign.

Right about now many of you who voted for her are probably feeling upset over this unflattering revelation, and believe me the cowards at the newspapers do not want to report this. They are protective of their advertising dollars. This ad money, ironically all comes by way of the CEP or the Citizens Election Program. A program ruled unconstitutional by judge Underhill in the last year. As a Constitutionalists myself, I refused to participate in this program that I also now agree may be  "Unconstitutional." Any person with integrity should also refuse this money.

As a brief history this year it is important to mention that the CEP only benefited the major parties. It fell far short and in most cases failed in its primary objective to keep Criminal Rowland style union lobbyists like the Working Families Party at bay. This year the WFP party cross endorsed, not only our Ms. Rose, but 100% of all "sold out" Democrats.

When asked why, a spokesman said that Democrats overwhelmingly support the monetary demands of the states labor unions including those of the SEIU and several others like the UFW and AFLCIO. While it is illegal for a candidate to accept money from a Lobbyist in tandem with CEP funding it remains unclear as to wether or not Ms. Rose broke the law during her election. The only thing that appears very certain is that Ms. Rose sold out Milfords Middle Class citizens in favor of the states labor unions.

In 2010 every third party candidate was audited by the Elections Enforcement Commission, most of these audits lasted about two years and were very discouraging to the candidates Treasures who in 2010 refused to be responsible under the criminal threats made by the Elections Enforcement agency.

The CEP from its onset was challenged by Chris Healy, the Republican Party state Chairman who said in a committee hearing that this program amounts to "little more than legalized theft of public money." Sadly Healy was correct because in 2010 all of the CEP money was directed toward Major Parties with scores of murky endorsements from special interest groups. I personally believe that time will reveal massive corruption at the CEP and eventually that corruption will result in the dissolution of the entire program as in-effective.

For those of you who wish to reclaim your lost or misplaced money, and take it away from the tyrannical machine that has become Hartford visit the link below and follow the instructions. You will be surprised at how many people have had their hard earned personal money sent to political parties. Click HERE to see if your name is on the official list at the State of Connecticut's office. You can also help liquidate this "shady" misused "Republicrat slush fund" by directing your friends in Connecticut to this blog and asking them to make their withdrawal. The more people who do this the more we will be spared from the countless future negative ads purchased by campaigns.

(Above photo of CT 118th Rep. Elect Kim Rose)

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