Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Local Economies Uncertain

With record unemployment striking the heart of capitalism, every expert agrees that America is now in a recession. These folks however tend to be optimistic, and the people I attest to are those on the regular financial channels of your local cable system.

One exception to this rule is Glenn Beck, now booted from his network but not yet completely out of the game. Beck will be reporting again on Fox News in the next coming months. This reveal was no secret as on the 17th he appeared on Greta VanSusteren's show announcing his plan and his intentions.

The economy, now looming under the pressure of record 7.5% unemployment, 2 Plus million foreclosures, paralized shipping & commerce, and record closings of retail stores, is taking on water much like the fabled ship "Titanic."

At this stage of the game all the key leaders are pretty certain our ship is going down, and Obama will have the bad news of declaring a "force majure" a condition so great that there are no experts capable of finding a solution. This "Force Majeure" expected to be declared by Bernake sometime in the next couple of years will arrive at the heels of former GAO David Walker's warning that Americas debt to revenue ratio is unmanageable.

Barrack Obama will undoubtedly deliver the bad news that the interest alone on our 13 Trillion Dollar National debt has consumed the entire budget of the Federal Government. Americans will not stand to to see every penny of their tax dollars consumed by interest on our debt alone. This will occur on the heels of decreasing revenues to cities and states while tax increases simultaneously go up across the board.

These conditions, by even the most optimistic economic models become a grim reality as soon as this Feb. 2009. The automotive industry, and its potential collapse will surge unemployment into the double digits as our leaders continue to make horrific decisions with taxpayer money.

The future is going to bring troubling times, as Americans continue to drive down derivatives, the Federal Government and the Federal Reserve will be devaluing the dollar. Society and people, in general, will not stand to see America and American's treated in this way and our leaders know that there is grave potential for civil unrest. According to Naomi Wolf Blackwater a paramilitary security force was given a one billion dollar contract for a security detail within the United States. This contract accompanies U.S. Army martial law training in suburban American neighborhoods that has been ongoing for the last decade.

The U.S. military has now published and released its civilian prison manual online and FEMA has set up detention camps across the U.S. to round up and quell the most problematic dissenters. People targeted first will most likely be Gun owners who for the safety of those in in Government will have to be given their highest priority.

The method used to get this done will be by way of a list given to a national security detail. Those on a RED list will have the highest priority, these people will be considered the greatest danger to society, those on an Orange list will be next and so on to those people deemed harmless and left on their own to survive on a yellow list.

According to Army protocol, dangerous individuals will usually be picked up at 4.00A.M. from their principal place of residence. This nightmare scenario could become our reality if America and the American People do not find a way to avert the coming financial disaster. The propensity of this disaster occurring is so severe that in its worst case scenario would pale the 1929 Great Depression.

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