Friday, November 21, 2008

Drivers Beware

Milford Police department has requested two additional police officers citing that urban sprawl has outpaced the growth of the local Police Department. The board recognizing these troubling times undoubtedly has the question of these new officers compensation on their mind. Very few people are keen to new taxes or tax increases especially in light of the struggles here in Milford.

The shocking answer came when our local Police Chief suggested that these two officers should recoup their income just by way of "writing fines" these fines or "infractions" as the lawman likes to put it will be a direct "stupid tax" to the multitude of casual drivers in town already stressed out with their "on the go" lifestyles. These officers will be full force ticket writers for everything from you are over your allotted parking time, was talking on the phone while driving, forgot your seat belt, J Walikng, to improper signaling.

There is no question that our town has grown, but is this really an ethical way to use police officers? Americans have already lost their jobs/money due to the economy, and most every Constitutional freedom we have due to the "fear" of "terrorism." Perhaps these new police officers are a bad idea, especially if their job is to "terrorize" the already despondent public.

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