Saturday, September 12, 2009

Charles R. Iovino Rests In Peace

For those of you who might have missed it, I want to bring to your attention that Charles R. Iovino passed away on September 5th in Peabody Massachusetts at the age of 99.

While many of you may not know Mr. Iovino, he was the Mayor of Milford back in the late fifties and early sixties. While being the Mayor is significant in and of itself, Mr. Iovino was the very first Mayor of Milford and won not as a Republican or Democrat, but as a write-in candidate and he won overwhelmingly. His winning was a first in Connecticut as an Independent candidate.

Although I never met Mr. Iovino, he was/is an inspiration to me as I know an Independent candidate here in Milford can win just as he did back in 1959. His commitment to the City and not the political parties is my inspiration and I am truly sorry that I never had the opportunity to thank him for his leadership and commitment to the Milford community.

So, in this little way with this formal notification I wanted to say “thank you” Mr. Iovino for not only your inspiration to me, but more importantly for the years you served as one of Milford’s wonderful Mayors. May he rest in peace knowing that he has served us well.

From a very grateful citizen, an appreciative Independent Party, and a thankful community to have had the likes of Charles R. Iovino serve as our Mayor. I send our condolences to the Iovino family.

Peter L. Spalthoff

Independent Party Candidate for Mayor

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