Friday, September 25, 2009

Ken De Ruoy Shares His Comments Post Mayoral Debate

Last night I attended the Milford Mayoral Debate just like many residents.

I went in with no predetermination since ultimately I am a Milfordite first and foremost, above any political affiliation.

I believe Chaucer is a decent man, but his 1 or 2 issue platform and obvious lack of knowledge about important issues had me embarrassed for him. By now, he must’ve realized that his candidacy was not a good idea.

Sorry to say it, but Salvatore lost me when she criticized EVERY city employee for doing lousy job. That was arrogant and callous. She also sounded contrived and rehearsed, and lacked feeling for what she was saying.

Even more sad was “my boy” Richetelli. His time has come and gone. Rehearsed and obviously scared of attacks, he opened by subliminally explaining (i.e. apologizing for) his addiction-caused hiatus, and ended explaining (i.e. apologizing for) his ignorance concerning the historic Cadley House destruction. In between, he blamed red-tape for failing the city when it needed a leader (i.e. Building Department reform), and failing to affirmatively lead on practically everything else.

Lastly, I saw a man with a vision and passion. Peter Spalthoff spoke on the issues with knowledge and common-sense. He was unrehearsed, upstanding and his love for Milford shone through. I admire what this man represents and what he will do for Milford . May God grant us the common-sense to vote him in as mayor, so that we have the right person in charge of our city and our future.

Kenneth De Ruoy


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