Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Car Rolls Over In Front Of Milford Stop And Shop

A Vehicle traveling Northbound on East Town Rd collided with another vehicle and then rolled on its side.

Fireman, Ambulances and the local police department responded to the scene. No one appeared to be injured, but the occupant of the vehicle above was not apparently visible according to a witness at the scene.

The scene was contaminated with antifreze and cleanup was not yet completed but expected according to accident protocol.

The collision occurred when a vehicle exiting the Stop and Shop parking lot did not see the approaching vehicle who swerved into him and then onto its side. The Intersection where this accident occurred has no traffic light so the drivers leaving the parking lot must use their own judgement in crossing into the north and south bound lanes.

The accident occurred at apx. 10:15A.M this morning.

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