Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Presidential Politics In Connecticut

This is the update on all of the action regarding the presidency here in Connecticut. The Independent party, is still vying to get Ralph Nader on the ballot as a presidential candidate. Currently Ralph won his latest appeal in the 9th circuit court. This decision was filed by the Democratic party who wanted him off the ballot. Not only does it appear that Connecticut's perennial presidential candidate will be back but he is pulling 6% in the latest U.S. presidential poll. Should Ralph gain another 4% he will be included in the Presidential Debates come November.

Party outcast Joe Lieberman has announced that he will not seek the nomination for Vice President. As we all know in the last Presidential election Lieberman was Al Gore's choice. Lieberman, neither a Democrat or a Republican has expressed his support for John McCain. Both Lieberman and McCain share the view that a hard line stance must be taken with Iran.

Senator Chris Dodd, also a former presidential candidate, and Attorney General Blumenthal's favorite is hoping to be Obama's choice of a Vice President. Chris Dodd is also the chairman of the Finance committee and often meets with Ben Bernake to discuss the latest economic events regarding the mortgage meltdown and interest rates.

As the race moves on we are all anxiously awaiting what has been dubbed the "veep stakes" to see who the candidates will chose for their VP. With George Bush having been born in Connecticut it seems like the little old Nutmeg state holds a powerhouse of leadership even to include Henri Kissinger out in Kent.

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