Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Thoughts on Gayle's Latest Effort to Fight UI

Gayle Slossberg recently sent out an update regarding a demand for public action on alleged energy increases, mainly the DPUC granting permission to United Illuminating to reopen their rate case. To me this was no surprise as it was exactly what they said they would do in their last investor conference call. Unfortunately, for Ms. Slossberg on the same day her card arrived in my mail box, UI issued a press release announcing that the DPUC "nixed" the decision to reopen the rate case. This marked a partial victory for consumers and consequently makes her card a bit confusing to those who received it after this fact.

One thing to point out about Ms. Slossberg is that she allegedly voted in favor of UI's decoupling bill House Bill 7432. This bill deceptive in its name and according to Rep. Robert Megna "If a gas or electric customer conserves and uses less energy to reduce their bill or if consumption drops for other reasons then customers must pay the profits earned during the prior rating period, provided it was higher. Historically profits normally fluctuate based on consumption of gas and electricity. This scheme will cost consumers an estimated additional $25 million per year." Why she voted in favor of this bill is questionable to me and appears to be contradictory to her current position to protect consumers. I would ask that Gayle be crystal clear to the public about whose side she is on.

Personally, (and that one issue aside) I would like to publicly thank Ms. Slossberg for now speaking out in favor of us "the consumers." I would like to also thank her for recognizing that our rates have nearly doubled, and as such I would expect that her future votes reflect more consumer advocacy and less rhetoric. As a candidate for State Representative myself I will be watching exactly how all our local legislators vote, rarely do I listen to their happy jolly words.



DPUC Rejected UI's request to re-open their 2006 rate case. UI then followed up by submitting a new request to raise our electric rates, this request can be granted, (although, this can be complicated and hard to follow) Gayle's request for us to complain to the DPUC is "spot on". Follow her links to take action.

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