Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dodd Set To Announce His Resignation

There certainly was much sadness and excitement this morning when Chris Dodd took Michael Moore's advice and decided to resign for the "good of his party." Dodd's resignation comes during a tumoltous period, one marked with tea party protesters, and scandals that included "sweet heart" deals on mortgages, and AIG bonuses.

Dodd stepping aside will certainly be "bitter sweet" for the Democratic party, but just as soon as he resigned Connecticut's Attorney General Richard Blumenthal expresed interest in a run for the Senate.

Dodd is expected to make an announcement to the media soon, and give more details surrounding his decision not to sek re-election. Most onlookers this year are of the opinion that Dodd's record low poll numbers, and pressure from within his own ranks are behind the Senators decision.

Sometime ago Dodd was diagnosed and succesfully treated for prostate cancer, and health concerns are not expected to be an issue that has led to his decision.

Keep tuned in to the major news networks this evening, as more news is to follow on the race for senate Christine Stuart of Connecticut News Junkie has also extensively covered the Blumenthal bid. To read more, click HERE to access her article today.

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