Monday, January 18, 2010

Thank You Martin Luther King

Today is a day of remembrance, and observation of a very great man who gave countless individual African Americans the hope of a dream. This day is also shadowed with the greatest disaster facing Black Haitian Americans in the history of that nation.

Martin Luther King, shall forever remain an American beacon of light who brought a peaceful message of hope to those who thought it was lost. He gave us a message of peace in a nation entangled in a race war, but most importantly MLK showed that those who dare have a dream can rise victorious without promoting violence.

He sacrificed, and endangered his life to free the very people he loved from the bigotry that struck him down, MLK, in view, has become one of the most welcoming civil rights leaders this week.

If any inspirational martyr can be conjured up at this very moment, let it be him, one of our greatest American civil rights leaders of our time. His spirit ought to be a beacon of light that reunites the people of Haiti. I believe he is already there walking the streets and embracing the countless lost souls who need a guiding light.

May they all those who lost their lives on this day be remembered for the lives they lead, and the loved ones they left behind. and Let us also remember the sacrifices they have made and the continued suffering they endure. Let us pray for them all.

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