Friday, January 8, 2010

The Future Of Milford's Independent Party

Since Peter Spalthoff wrote his note that appeared on this blog and yet again in the Milford Mirror, several letters, comments and notes arrived to my office regarding the Independent Party.

Some important things must be noted about the Independent Party if one is truly to understand how it will develop. The most important of these is, of course, the willingness of the general public to accept something new.

The Democratic and Republican parties have been at it for over 100 years, Independents are the "new kids on the block" and I believe that in order for us to be successfull we need to attract true talent with a message that resonates with the people of our community.

Independents, like all parties are comprised of individuals, and those individuals must be reckoned with regardless of any partisan label. The sooner we start looking at people and not parties, the sooner we will get quality leadership in our community.

There is too much reliance placed on a political party, and lets be honest, there are Democrats and Republicans in our town that share and embrace a true love and commitment to our quality of life. Forever shall it be on the voters backs to know who they are voting for. For example, know where your candidate/s stand on taxes, education, emergency services, and regulations.

Tyrants rise to power because of the myopic vision of the voters whose vote is solely based on the propaganda that is initiated by the candidates themselves. To put this simply, if I was running for office, and I had lots of money, I would spend it trying to make you believe that you can feel comfortable voting for me.

Doing things, like playing golf at your club, visiting every public venue, speaking charming and complimentary things about you, our community, and of course duping you to believe that I (as a candidate) am responsible for everything good and nothing bad.

Lets face it everyone knows that politicians lie, because if they told the truth the nasty little reality about how things get done would not be contained to a back room or remain buried in the legalese of our massive budgets. Instead, our tax bills would be reasonable, our kids education would be first class, and our infrastructure would be taken care of.

Our leaders are the ones whom we entrust to spend our tax money, Americans pay lots of tax, they also pay lots of interest, penalties and fees to the government for misbehaving. These taxes in their myriad is an emblem of disgrace induced on every person in Milford. This is not to suggest I am against taxes, but more to the fact that I am against the Government becoming our local economy and making a punitive system lucrative.

Voting for a candidate should be simple, and many who wish to make their entry into politics do so for a variety of reasons. Most often because they have the time to make the commitment, and they believe that they can make a change in the quality of life or in the outcome of the community in which we live.

All politics I believe are local, and choice is a wonderful thing. However, some have argued that in a three party system an elected minority with as little as 1/3 of the vote can induce policies that go against the very fabric of Milford.

This is in fact a real possibility, but thus far in both three way races in Milford wins were by a substantial majority. Three way races also involve more voters in politics, and when people get involved we get better government.

The Independent Party is important today, forecasters like Gerald Celiente have already predicted that by 2012 America will have a new and strong third party. Thus far this year Libertarian Republican Peter Schiff honored Milford with his Old Gate Lane HQ.

Even if the pundits and critics succeed in demoralizing and crushing a third party movement, the problem will linger. People yearn to be free, and they will advance their views of liberty and justice with or without the support of the major parties.

Schiff is a classic example of a true Libertarian in a Republican dominated domain. Many of his supporters are expected to switch parties, join RTC's and do whatever they must to give Schiff the advancement they so desperately want.

While the cards may be stacked against Independent Republicans like Peter Schiff, the expected $2,000,000.00 he will spend will further seed the Independent third party movement.

Thus far in Milford the numbers have gone from 10% in 2008, to 11.5% in 2009 and are expected to grow again to 13.5% in 2010. By 2012, and if Celiente is correct Independents should attain 25%-30% of the electorate making them America's first formidable third party. This will be the American epiphany, and the beginning of the end of the mega duopoly unaffectinately known as the "Republicrats."

Not for an instance do I believe it is time to give up, not so long as our numbers are continuing to improve and people are solidly "waking up." We just need to work harder, tell the truth, be honest, and not go away.

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