Monday, February 1, 2010

Milford Independents Forge Ahead With Official Party

Milford Independents met last week at Cabo, informal discussions took place and a conclusion was made to forge ahead with the implementation of an official party. Sometime in the next week a public advertisement will be placed in the newspaper, thanks to a generous donation of a few political enthusiasts who put up the money for the ad.

The ad will announce a time, date and meeting place for an assembly of all people interested in participating in, and forming an Independent Town Committee. The purpose of the gathering is to agree on a set of by-laws, party leadership, and engage in discussion in the official adoption of the templete charter provided by the CT Independent Party state central.

As it stands the independent Party has no formal charter, no town committee, and only an acting Chairman. Nominations are currently solicited for positions of leadership. However, a pre-set of rules exists, and only people from the Independence, Independent, and Milford Independent Party can vote and run for office.

Unafiliates can also vote, but only after completing a change of registration card at the receptions concierge desk. All are invited, Republicans and Democrats can Join, but according to state rules they must wait the required SOT Three month period before voting in any officiall business.

Your name must appear on the Voter Registrar list as of that date. If you changed party prior to the announced date, you must bring a confirmation of your party enrollment.

This is truly exciting news many party insiders, organizers, and friends are looking forward to the balance and insight offered by the the towns independents. Keep a watchful lookout for the ad that will appear in the Milford Mirror next week.


Meme (aka Meem, The Meem) said...

I find this to be particularly amusing as it seems that all your hard work will be for naught. An Independent party already exists in Milford and is known as the Milford Independent Party. It has already been registered with the statw. Check out their website for more information! I suggest that you and your interested individuals join forces with the existing Milford Independent Party! Your aims seem to be identical, so why not join forces! I think it would be great for Milford to have a strong third party. The people of Milford need choices. If the people of Milford are your priority and not your own ego, this should be great!

Rocco J. Frank Jr. C. E. & Michael Vecchiarelli M.A. said...

Thanks for your thoughts, this was discussed at our steering committee last month.

The MIP has two members registered at the Voter Registrar my self and Steve Borer. I am waiting to get on the list. SOS requires I wait 3 months to switch from Republican to MIP.

The Independent Party has 26 Members, the Independence Party has 10 Members.

Our state chairman allowed for State central to recognize all parties that have the word Independent in it. This includes the American Independent Party and the Independent American Party.

The division, is more along the lines of unification and convergence. Our temporary ITC bylaws are to include all independents.

Hopefully you registered with an Independent Party, because you cannot vote of hold office unless you are registered at the VR office. You may also bring proof of party enrollment, or enroll the night of the event.

Keep an eye on the news the date will be announced.