Friday, February 26, 2010

Here We Snow Again

Well the weather man said nothing to worry about it was all going to be just rain.... Well lets not get upset with the false prophesies of those who try to predict the future they do the best the can and besides they were somewhat correct because it rained all day yesterday.

The new forecast is snow until midnight on Sunday, and for those who are thinking you would rather be in Florida, well mom called this morning from Orlando and said its about 45% there this morning.

Looks like we all have to tough it out, get the snow shovel and wait a few more weeks or perhaps a month or so until Spring arrives. The photo is from my office, taken this morning at 10:30A.M. As you can see the roads are covered in snow, but mostly clear and not very slippery.

The kids are enjoying yet another day off from school, and I am having a slow and yet productive day at work.

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