Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Day After The Storm

Fortunately the snow storm in Milford did not drop the expected mass that is mostly on Washington D.C. Milford received about Four Inches of mostly wet snow that is melting in the mid day afternoon weather.

News 12 was spotted last evening in front of Autozone filming traffic and the weather conditions. Kids got their day off from school, and again today a opening delay as the city buses were clearing their windows and preparing their buses for transportation.

The city will return to business as usual this week, and several debates are still ongoing over over the Kimball Report Implementation Team (KRIT), the lack of transparency in that department and the enormous double digit increase in their budget.

The newly created land use Czar has just received a raise to Apx $100,000.00 per year from the original %95,000.00 per year. The Czars are not sitting well with some city board members who are complaining that they are marginalizing, and ignoring the authority of the city boards.

Meanwhile, a $300,000.00 elevator at Pumpkin Delight school awaits approval and two fire departments in the Woodmont section of Milford appear to be paying the price for the city's management mistakes. These mistakes are forcing them to cut costs by consolidating the two departments into a single unit.

This is an ongoing and controversial debate this week, along with several other key issues effecting the Board of Education whose budget proposal has already been approved and is awaiting final approval from the Board of Finance.

The Mayors proposed budget has a 3.95% increase this year and will mark a decade where our city doubled its spending from Apx.95 Million in 1999 to 190 Million in 2009, making the present mayor the most fiscally irresponsible in the city's history if not the entire state. Tom Byrne, a former Republican Town Committee member has become the city's most outspoken critic of the Republican Party and the Mayor's administration.

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