Saturday, February 13, 2010

Polanski Extorts City And Refuses To Resign

After having agreed to a resignation agreement with the Board of Education two months ago, Polanski is now holding his departure for ransom. He is demanding another $30,000.00 from the Milford Board of Education in addition to the $110,000.00.

Mark Stapleton, who has represented the constituents of this city with an incredible level of commitment and resolve, has rightfully called his latest act of defiance "regrettable." Polanski, has chosen to go "all in" betting that the city will not try to "fire him out right."

However, he is mistaken because there is good grounds to "fire" Polanski and give him the only benefits afforded under the law for a terminated employee. Assuredly those benefits are substantially less. While Polanski has not had his day in court, his actions continue to declare a level of hubris only expected from a person who just received an innocent verdict by a jury of his peers.

The lewd and lascivious actions that led to his subsequent accusations, and his eventual arrest were borne after the Milford Police Department conducted an investigation and found there was enough evidence, or "probable cause," to have him arrested.

His actions, as were highlighted by his accusers (two principals) included "intimidation," "flashing his genitals," "open mouth kissing" and " placing his hands on their "rears." While Mr. Polanski is scheduled to appear in court to face these charges, his latest misconduct involving this new found extortion plot against the city are only going to further harm his reputation within the community. When he succeeds in achieving this, finding a local and impartial jury to preside over his trial may become more challenging for his attorney Fred Dorsey.

Mr. Polanski has pleaded ignorance to the charges alleged against him. He is citing that "he did not know that his cultural habits would offend others." This is what has laughingly become the "Borat" defence, in honor of the film by Sacha Baron Cohen where the character Borat engages in outrageous cultural behavior that dupes his unwilling suspects in a manner that leads to chaos and confusion.

While only he knows for sure what happened, the preliminary evidence against him is strong. He has created a track record of controversial behavior from the onset of his employment. We have learned that while he was at Southington murmurs about a investigation there were kept to a low tone. Polanski was given the benefit of the doubt, and after attending a party with known sexual offenders and underage drinking that also was a "close call" he managed to escape from.

Personally I believe that, this time, Polanski will most likely end up fired. I do not believe that any sensible person on a city board should allow him to recoup anything more than what is allowed by The Department of Labor. This battle he is waging on the Board of Education will most likely be a second civil case in addition to his criminal case that his testing the limits of the people of Milford.

While this great city has endured all kinds of hardships and legal challenges the time has come to stand up and not create a policy that rewards the malintent of an accused criminal. Perhaps an "agreement in principle" should in fact contain a clarification of what it means to have "principles."

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