Thursday, February 4, 2010

Milford's Grand List Grows By One Percent

The grand list, or the value of everything taxable in Milford has grown by One Percent. I suppose Mayor Richetelli is correct that this is great news, but I also suppose the impact of it is for you to decide.

To put this into perspective Milford will get an additional 1.5 Million in revenue to offset your tax bill this year. Most of this increase is from the Devon Power station, and improvements not to the city's belabored real estate values, but rather accredited to heavy industry moving into our city.

The funds collected for our towns budget, is usually in excess of 150 Million. However, just in education alone we spend over 100 Million of that money. To make matters more challenging our schools need an additional 100 million in improvements.

Add inflation, unemployment, increased taxation, and a wasteful government and the picture becomes clearer as to why 1.5 Million is the equivalent of a cup of coffee in the schema of of Republican spend thrift politics.

This issue was best described by Thomas Beirne, a former Republican now shunned for daring to challenge the liberalism in the Republican Party. Byrne a former RTC member, wrote the following letter to the Ct Post challenging his party to be more conservative.

Beirne States:

The chairman of the Milford Republican town committee was quoted as saying I had “betrayed” the MRTC when in fact it is the MRTC that has betrayed the basic principle of the Republican Party, fiscal responsibility. In the past 10 years during which the mayor’s office was held by a Republican, the taxes we all pay went from $94.7 million in 1999 to $142.9 million in 2009. Our tax burden increased by $48 million, a 51 percent increase. This increase was needed to pay for the spending increase which went from $114.1 million in 1999 to $172.8 million in 2009. Spending increased by $59 million, a 51 percent increase.

What does the future hold for us? Check out the June 30, 2009, financials (www.

Net assets for governmental activities decreased by 4.9 percent ($141.3 million to $148.6 million). Governmental funds had a combined deficit fund balance of $19.8 million, which is larger than last year’s deficit of $12.9 million.

What do all these numbers mean? Answer: Milford is spending our money faster than they can take it from us.

Some thoughts, to consider this budget season when addressing the city's needs vs. wants and why you are struggling to pay the tax on your home. We get the government you vote for and sadly the mayor wants to raise your taxes again.

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