Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Independents in Milford Establish a Town Committee.

On February 22, 2010 a group of local Milford residents met to discuss the likely hood of establishing an Independent Town Committee. The group heard discussions from Mike Telesca the agent of the State Independent Party and the thoughts of many local residents.

Those who attended the meeting were somber, and humble, but courageous enough to face the challenging odds of an “underdog party getting off the ground.” In a unanimous vote all 20 attendees voted to establish a third party in Milford. This new party, unlike its MIP predecessor, will follow the same laws as the two other major parties.

The Independent Party of Milford has consolidated its membership from the former MIP and the Independent Party. This new party is a larger more organized and dynamic group of passionate individuals.

The new Independent town Committee wasted no time and elected a full slate of officers. The Chairman elect Rocco Frank Jr. was nominated by the committee members. Also nominated were Steven Borer as Vice Chairman, John Grant as Treasurer, and Todd Casey as Secretary.

All the new officers were formerly candidates of the independent party and Milford Independent Party stemming back to 2008.

Rocco Frank the newly elected chairman said that the new organization “will focus on the principles of fair and honest government, as it stands rampant greed and paid politicians are abusing the taxpayer’s pocket books in their favor.” Frank feels that Democrats and Republicans are a disappointment, and the party is a “direct response to a growing number of disenfranchised voters who feel betrayed by Milford’s two party systems.”

The independent party will adopt a conservative platform aimed at eliminating government waste, and most importantly not allowing greed and avarice to result in teacher layoff’s because city jobs were “bonused, stipended, and raised away.”

Frank also challenged Independent party critics, who called the Independents “redundant and lacking in a platform.” Frank said “that there is a clear disconnect with the people, and a contagious epiphany is threatening to expose the tandem tax and spend leadership that has Milford Democrats and Republicans defecting from both parties.

Frank said that he will “keep the Independent party a safe place for good, honest and sincere community leaders to challenge the political quandaries lurking in our city.”

The Milford Independents are expected to begin, voting on and endorsing candidates in the coming weeks and are eagerly preparing for the coming challenges.

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