Saturday, February 6, 2010

Liberty Rock Motel No More

The Liberty Rock Motel located next to McDonald's on Bridgeport Ave. has been officially razed. The site owned by the Trev's, Corporation also own the the neighboring fast food restaurant.

The Motel is being cleared to the praises of Jim Amann a member of the Devon Revitalization Committee. Amann was quoted in the New Haven Register as saying “It’s had its day.” Community and Economic Development Director Robert Gregory said "a new development fits with the revitalization for Devon."

Hotels and Motels are becoming challenging in Milford, in the last five years Milford has seen Three new hotels added to the city. There are 10 such lodging establishments and all of them are hungry for occupancy.

The loss of the Liberty Rock Motel was certainly a sigh of relief to the Devon Motel right across the street who will welcome their guests. The new plans for the site are still not yet known, but as we are told by a source at the Trev's corporation there has been active and ongoing discussions on how best to utilize the property.

Thus far the only city permit that has been issued is the demolition permit.

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