Monday, February 15, 2010

Milford's New Boardwalk Promises Not To Plow The Plovers

Milford State Rep. Barbara Lambert announced in her latest press release that work on the 1.6 million dollar boardwalk is set to begin. Many are already crying foul, complaining that this is yet another boondoggle of a project that is sending Milford "to the birds."

Environmentalists at the Audobon Society are concerned that if migrating Piping Plovers return to Milford, the boardwalk may plow through their habitat and damage their nests.

Lambert has indicated that should the plovers return, the builders have instructions to take the animals into consideration. She indicated that there is a "plan" in place not to harm the birds.

While some have called the belabored boardwalk a poorly timed project, the Mayor, former rep Jim Amann and other advocates have called the project necessary if Milford is to boost local commerce.

Property owners on the waterfront have expressed additional concern over increased crime and the noise of an ongoing construction project. Lambert indicated that the noise would be confined to business hours only but made no comment on the propensity for increased crime.

Last election the Republicans held a solitaire fundraiser to raise funds for a security problem that would address the issue of crime in that area of Milford. There has been no comment as of yet as to wether or not they intend to install a security camera.

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