Thursday, February 11, 2010

Milford's Jim Amann Widraws From Race

Milford's Jim Amann has withdrawn from the race for Governor citing heavy competition from popular wealthy Democrats. Including in his words "Ned Lamont who has deep pockets." Amann alleges he cannot compete with the "personal finances" of many of the contenders.

Jim Amanns campaign was riding on the premise that the Citizens election campaign would provide him with 1.5 Million for a primary and another 3.0 Million to run for Governor.

The program was mired in problems that stemmed from a lawsuit that called the program unconstitutional. Last summer a a superior court judge named Underhill agreed and the program has been in a state of legal limbo ever since. Richard Blumenthal filed an appeal, but that appeal is expected to be heard this March and since legislators in Hartford have not acted in a favorable manner the program is expected to fail in its entirety.

Some key state legislators have already pointed out that millions of the the funds have already been redirected toward helping disadvantaged people in Social Services, calling helping the poor a higher priority than funding elections.

Governor Rell made her final plea last month to the state legislature during her State of the State address. She called upon both houses of government to rescue the belabored Citizens Election Program. Rell said that "we have worked tirelessly to limit the influence of special interests, saving public financing must be made an important priority moving forward."

Those words however are not being taken seriously because the number of candidates seeking public funding in the 2010 election cycle is significantly down. The main reason stems on the fact that there is no guarantee that candidates can be successful.

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